Ben Stein’s Diary


Me, Too — Two Cases


My book writing career started when Michael Korda, editor in chief of Simon & Schuster, bought a novel about a hyper inflationary catastrophe à la Weimar, co-written with my father, Herbert Stein. That was in about early 1976. The book was called On The Brink. It came out as the U.S. was facing high inflation […]

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The Gift of Peace


I am human. I like it when I get good feedback from my writings. So here are a few more uplifts from The Gift of Peace, by yours truly: 1.) When all else fails, turn it over to God. It’s worth hearing over and over again. 2.) Fear underlies all of my problems and my […]

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The Essence of Happiness


Here’s a little vacation for you. Some calming thoughts in the middle of a complex and challenging world. I dug these up to keep myself sane after talking to my accountant about my taxes: 1.) Here’s a good way to wake up. In gratitude for just being alive. 2.) You can get in the habit […]

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Harvey of Hollywood


Monday — Indigenous Peoples’ Day This has been a tumultuous weekend. It started Friday with a long email from Miss X. Miss X is an Asian woman. Not young and not really great at English. But good with a nail clipper and scissors. She’s been my pedicurist for about ten years now. She’s a superb […]

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Humanity and Mr. Killer Paddock


A few notes on the killings in Las Vegas, the disgusting, evil, horrible murders in Las Vegas. First of all, I keep reading that somehow it’s unique in human history that men gather innocent human beings together, pen them up, and then slaughter them in large numbers. The tragic fact of human nature is that […]

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Racism Is Their Only Answer


Monday So, here I am in bed reading. On line, Yale has sent out an abstract of a “research paper” about how black and Latino people are not doing as well educationally and economically as white people would like to think. White people think black people are catching up with white people fast. But, says […]

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As I’m Being Audited


Sunday On Friday, Dr. Bill Skinner, my wizard physician, gave me a flu shot with a needle that looked like a pneumatic hammer topped by the Chrysler Building. He did his usual fine job, but I have been woozy ever since. Dazzled. That night, my pal Judah and I went down to Koreatown for barbecued […]

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Anarchy Never Ends Well


This is almost too perfect. In the 20th century, in perfect conformity with law in a Constitutional Republic, a number of states and cities erected statues to local heroes. These heroes were sometimes Confederate soldiers. Now, no sane person thinks human slavery was or is anything but repulsive. But fighting for your neighbors and your […]

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Whose Side Is He On?


Now for a few words about the Confederate statues contretemps in various states. 1. I wonder how many of the counter-protesters at the Charlottesville event even had any idea who Robert E. Lee was. He was a major hero of the Mexican-American War. He fought for the Confederacy against the Union, but at the time […]

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The Essence


So, it’s Monday night at the Loews Del Coronado Beach resort in San Diego. My driver, Robert David, a super nice man whose family largely perished under horrible circumstances in the Holocaust, has driven me down here. I twisted my back while turning to watch FB and also Jimmy Kimmel two nights ago, so I […]

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