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Beck Isn’t Back

We are all hypocrites, aren’t we? The left wants the government in on everything until they don’t, and the right wants government out of everything until they do not. Both of these movements have hijacked the American population. What some call hypocrisy, I like to call critical thinking. Yes, we are allowed to have opposing thoughts and views not just with others, but with ourselves. This doesn’t make us hypocrites, it makes us human, and, if we aren’t careful, we become dangerously close to becoming Beck’ed.

I have a friend: He’s a vegan and not a healthy one, he’s a borderline communist, he’s Jewish, he is obese, he is gay, and he’s as socially progressive as they come. But he is also one of the staunchest opponents of abortion I know. Quite the party favor my friend is. Why is he so anti-abortion? No, not because he believes in the sanctity of life — it’s because he was adopted. Is my friend a hypocrite or is he human? Or is he just an example of a broken clock being right twice in a day? Or is he just a friend?

There is also a difference between hypocrisy and actually being a hypocrite, and Glenn Beck, you are king hypocrite. You are a snake oil salesman, a carny; the “doctor” going from town to town promising your potion will heal all wounds. For you to ever call someone out for lack of critical thinking is truly comical. Your mental thinking and stability is literally swayed by the air around your head. I thought there was a new Glenn Beck, a kinder Glenn Beck, one who stated the need to “listen more.” Just to be clear, Mr. Beck, you are the problem. Your lack of intellectual honesty is missing two things, intellect and honesty.

The right, and rightly so, loves to blast the left for indoctrinating our students across the nation. Conservative students we know have the fear of God instilled in them to not ask, and to not challenge, for fear of being bullied, isolated, and failing. Tomi Lahren, is 24 years old — what did you believe when you were 24? How many card-carrying hippies became conservatives, and how many “conservatives” have become Glenn Beck?

Go to any Kolel (gathering or collection of scholars) across the world and you will find orthodox Jewish students arguing and debating Talmudic law. It’s actually quite fascinating and interesting to watch. They challenge, they ask, but more than anything, Mr. Beck, they listen. They aren’t castigated, browbeaten, or suspended for their thoughts; they are encouraged to delve even deeper. This is how we have most of are contemporary laws. They come from a bunch of exuberant students arguing and screaming at each other about a foot of land that was accidentally plowed, and half a barrel of wine that was accidentally spilled. With Philosophers screaming, Apostles writing, and people learning, the best ideas possible are formulated.

Yes, we have core beliefs, but wasn’t church originally on Saturday, and millions meant not to eat meat on Friday? Wasn’t birth control at one point not allowed in most religions, and wasn’t President Reagan once a Democrat? Things change, times change, and, yes, people change. Jerry Falwell Junior, Mike Huckabee and countless Evangelicals and people of the clergy supported President Trump. They are not hypocrites, but rather, they realize we live in a world filled with hypocrisies. These are good men, and their followers are good and noble people. They realize we live in the world, and sometimes pragmatism must prevail.

Mr. Beck, your time has come and gone; your horse is on her last legs, and your potions have been replaced with medicines. We won’t stand by, we can’t stand by, as you bully and demonize our students. We cannot become them, not all who disagree can be RINOs, not all who waver are spineless, and not all who have differing opinions are hypocrites. That lesson plan is for you too, Ms. Lahren. We aren’t all hypocrites; what most of us are is human.

By the way the United States just won its first WBC, the greatest baseball tournament on the world stage. Passover and Easter are fast approaching, and my niece just got married. To quote the immortal John Hughes, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you might miss it.” Wouldn’t the ultimate hypocrisy be preaching about life, and not actually living it.


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