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Be Careful What We Wish For
Plaintiffs in a Connecticut lawsuit to keep biological males from competing as girls (YouTube screenshot)

For nearly a century, women’s advocates have tried — without success — to add a provision to the Constitution guaranteeing equal rights to women. First introduced to Congress in 1923 by Alice Paul, the pro-life founder of the National Woman’s political party — a feminist who believed that abortion was the “ultimate exploitation” of women — the Equal Rights Amendment was created to prohibit discrimination on the basis of sex. Yet, at the same time that radical feminists are attempting today to resurrect the ERA, they are allowing women’s sports to be destroyed by letting biological men compete against women.

Last month, three female high school track and field competitors in Connecticut filed a federal Title IX Discrimination complaint seeking to block biological male athletes from participating in girls’ sports. The complaint maintains that allowing biological male athletes to compete against girls violates Title IX.

Since 2017, the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference (CIAC) has allowed biological boys who claim a female gender identity to compete without limitation in girls’ athletic competitions. According to the complaint filed on behalf of the three female athletes by attorneys from Alliance Defending Freedom: “As a result, two male athletes presenting as female have dominated the field, winning 15 women’s track championship titles since 2017 — titles formerly held by nine different Connecticut girls in 2016. In all, two boys have taken away from girls over 50 chances to advance to next-level races, and now hold 13 individual meet records in Connecticut previously held by 12 different girls.”

Lawyers for the female plaintiffs suggest that Connecticut high schools and the CIAC are “creating an unfair playing field for female athletes — reversing nearly 50 years of advances for women.” Males will always have physical advantages over females — that is the reason that female sports were created to begin with. A boy’s belief about his gender does not cancel out his physical advantage over girls.

As a result, female high school athletes have been discriminated against by losing out on opportunities to earn college scholarships and destroying their athletic opportunities. There are currently 19 states that allow transgender students to opt into the sex-segregated sport of their choosing. None of these states require that the biological male have surgery or other hormonal therapy as part of their transition from male to female. A number of states, including Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Nebraska, and Texas, bar biological males from competing on female teams by requiring that the student’s sex at birth (as recorded on their birth certificates) determines which team they are allowed to play on.

Transgender advocates at maintain that “permitting transgender children and youth to participate in recreational sports in their affirmed gender can provide an enormous boost to their self-confidence and self-esteem and provide them with positive experiences that will help them in all other areas of their lives.” But, what about the female athletes whose self-confidence and self-esteem have been destroyed by the knowledge that they will lose every competition they attempt when they compete against biological males? What about the female athletes whose opportunities for college scholarships are destroyed because they no longer qualify to compete for these scholarships?

The parent of a Connecticut female athlete published an essay in the New York Post pleading for “justice” for her daughter who, as a high school freshman. had led her high school team to a team championship in the CIAC Conference by winning the 100-meter, the 200-meter, and the 400-meter in one of the most dominant individual performances in meet history. She was an integral component in the team’s first place finish in the State Open and “smashed” a pair of records at the New England championships in Maine. But, in 2017, once the CIAC allowed biological boys to compete against girls, the boys have taken away more than 50 chances for girls like her daughter to compete at the next level of competition.

To head off charges of “privilege,” this parent adds, “Lest I be assailed by the PC crowd, this has nothing to do with white privilege. My daughter is a beautiful young woman of color. Nor is it about lifestyle — I believe love is love. It is about fairness of play, about women not being spectators in their own sports, about a level playing field.” Like many parents for female high school students in Connecticut and elsewhere, these parents are simply asking that their daughters be allowed to compete against other female athletes — not biological males whose advantages are clear. Males are always going to be stronger than females, and they are always going to run faster, and an influx of hormones does not undo that reality. There is a reason why the New York, and the Boston Marathon — and marathons throughout the country — have separate categories of competition for men and women.

But, in some important ways, feminists brought much of this on themselves. Though Alice Paul would be horrified by what has happened to her original goal to protect women’s rights, once the radical feminists took over with their demands for abortion rights, affirmative action, and full “equality,” there was no turning back. Though much maligned, Phyllis Schlafly warned of all of this when she mobilized forces to block passage of the ERA back in the 1970s and early ’80s. As the New York Times concluded, Schlafly knew that the ERA would usher in a time when women — no longer protected by law — would end up hostage to male demands.

That is exactly what is happening today in the movement to resurrect again the ERA in Virginia. It is also happening in the movement to quietly usher in the so-called Equality Act, which was passed in Congress last May, prohibiting discrimination on the basis of gender identity and opening the federal door to allow all transgender athletes to compete on the team of their choice. The Equality Act would invalidate all states’ attempts to limit biological males from competing against females. And, although President Trump has said that he opposes the Equality Act, the radical LGBTQ advocates will never give up in their quest to destroy the equality women have worked for since the earliest days of the women’s rights movement a century ago.

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