Vladimir Bukovsky
Vladimir Bukovsky left the Soviet Union in 1976 after twelve years in Soviet prisons, labor camps, and psychiatric “hospitals.” He is the author of To Build a Castle: My Life as a Dissenter.
by | Mar 21, 2016

This review of Armando Valladares’s ‘Against All Hope: The Prison Memoirs of Armando Valladares’ (Knopf) appeared in our December 1986 issue. A few years ago in Caracas, Venezuela, as part of our activities with Resistance International, I attended a series…

by | Apr 18, 2014

“Sorry to bother you, but haven’t we met before? Aren’t you…what’s his name?” “I doubt you’d know my name,” he said. “Nobody does these days.” There was a trace of bitterness in his voice, just enough to prod my curiosity….

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