TAS Symposium Contributors
by | May 10, 2011

W. JAMES ANTLE III At a low point in our experiment with nation-building in Iraq, longtime conservative columnist George Will identified what was missing. “Iraq is just three people away from democratic success,” Will wrote. “Unfortunately, the three are George…

by | Dec 24, 2010

Matthew Continetti THE POST-ELECTION HOLIDAYS are a good time for conservatives to lick our wounds, reflect on the recent past, and contemplate new beginnings. My three recommendations describe the complicated realities of ethnic politics in America in the 21st century….

by | Dec 4, 2010

W. James Antle III Heading into the midterm elections, the country faced a dilemma: although there was little evidence the Republicans were ready to be trusted with power, it was clear that the Democrats needed to be stopped. The voters…

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