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R. Andrew Newman
R. Andrew Newman is a freelance journalist in western Nebraska.
by | Feb 13, 2009

The cows looked ice-cold. On a day like that in western Nebraska, if some miscreant had played the game of…Read More

by | Oct 10, 2008

Never in history has the world been as economically linked as it is today. “Linked,” in fact, may be too…Read More

by | Feb 18, 2008

If Movement Conservatives once and for all could bring ideological purity to the Republican Party, they would no longer have…Read More

by | Apr 19, 2007

The secular world tries to make sense of the senseless, to understand the bloody massacre at Virginia Tech. Some point…Read More

by | Feb 23, 2007

This week marks the beginning of Lent. At churches this time of year, reading lists are suggested, prayer and fasting…Read More

by | Feb 15, 2007

At TCS Daily earlier this month, economist and theorist Arnold Kling filed a list of principles for “libertarian conservatives,” who…Read More

by | Jan 23, 2007

Add a sticker and the bumper of a vehicle transforms itself into the driver’s very own billboard. One moving billboard…Read More

by | Jan 12, 2007

Embryonic screening allows couples to not only play God, but the devil. It seems some couples are moseying up to…Read More

by | Dec 29, 2006

People who don’t make New Year’s resolutions worry me. Are they perfect? Are they simply waiting for the great up…Read More

by | Dec 21, 2006

I had the pleasure of attending the Christmas pageant put on my daughter’s school earlier this week. Nothing warms the…Read More

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