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Paul Weyrich
by | Jan 19, 2005

WASHINGTON — I had an interesting discussion with a newspaper columnist the other day. He was remarking on my commentary…Read More

by | Dec 13, 2004

WASHINGTON — There once was a time when the Rev. Jesse Jackson intervened in instances of genuine injustice. At that…Read More

by | Oct 14, 2004

WASHINGTON — Boy, we can tell we are in the thick of the political season! There are two recent examples…Read More

by | Oct 5, 2004

WASHINGTON — While it would take a Kerry victory of enormous proportions to cause the House of Representatives to restore…Read More

by | Sep 28, 2004

WASHINGTON — Up to this point I have refrained from commenting on the whole CBS controversy. Years ago, when I…Read More

by | Aug 2, 2004

WASHINGTON — Believe it or not, I actually attended two Democratic conventions. The first was in 1976 when Woody Jenkins,…Read More

by | Jul 13, 2004

WASHINGTON — The year was 1967. A young Kansan went to work for Frank Carlson, the senior senator from that…Read More

by | Jun 8, 2004

WASHINGTON — This may shock you. During the eight years of the Reagan Presidency I was not his biggest fan….Read More

by | May 20, 2004

WASHINGTON — If John Kerry becomes president, some enterprising entrepreneur stands to make a fortune by creating and selling the…Read More

by | May 5, 2004

WASHINGTON — Much has been written about syndicated columnist Mary McGrory, who died recently at age 85 after a long…Read More

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