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Paul Cella
by | Jun 11, 2007

It is by now almost a truism to say that a society’s celebration of diversity appears to be inversely related…

by | May 29, 2007

Five hundred and fifty-four years ago on this day the Roman Empire was at last extinguished. By then the Empire…

by | Oct 20, 2004

Intellectual Morons: How Ideology Makes Smart People Fall for Stupid Ideas, by Daniel J. Flynn (Crown Forum, 304 pages, $25.95)….

by | Apr 12, 2004

In these last several years of serious reading of political philosophy (I, regrettably, did not read it seriously in college,…

by | Dec 12, 2003

An interesting and horrifying thing happened this Wednesday. The United States Supreme Court modified key portions of the First Amendment…

by | Dec 4, 2003

GEORGIA — Some of democracy’s “friendly critics” — as the title of the conference dubbed them — gathered last month…

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