Mike Howard, Author at The American Spectator

Mike Howard
Seattle native Mike Howard is a travel journalist working out of the Pacific Northwest. His articles have appeared in Hemispheres In-Flight Magazine, Caribbean Beach Magazine, Whisky Magazine, World Nomads, and Great Escapes Magazine. He has authored multiple “Custom Guides” for Trip.com (Malta, Victoria BC and Surrounds, Seattle and the Olympic Peninsula, Montenegro, and Germany), and is a destination expert for those regions.
by | Aug 2, 2020

My dad’s folks came from the hollers of Southeast Kentucky — but my three brothers and I were raised in…

by | Jul 25, 2020

Mars. I’m launching July 30, 2020, on an Atlas V-451 rocket, from Cape Canaveral. Yep — got my boarding pass…

by | Jul 18, 2020

It’s Saturday, May 30, 2020, and thousands of protesters glut the Seattle streets. By mid-afternoon the mob grows to more…

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