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Michael Craig
Michael Craig is a writer in Scottsdale, Arizona.
by | May 23, 2003

It certainly didn’t seem like a slow news week. Internationally, there was the rumored re-emergence of both Osama bin Laden…

by | May 8, 2003

In 1959, physicist Dr. Richard Feynman gave birth to the concept of nanotechnology. Feynman described the theoretical approaches to “manipulating…

by | May 1, 2003

I am right so infrequently that you’ll have to excuse me for rubbing it in. Last September, star-crossed conglomerate Tyco…

by | Apr 24, 2003

President Bush’s economic stimulus package is in trouble, but he is actually in a no-lose situation. If Congress passes a…

by | Apr 15, 2003

Dear Prowlers: I am too exhausted to write my regular column. I caught the social conscience bug and flew to…

by | Apr 11, 2003

War of (No) Words I’m not talking about the war or investing — the two are closely related these days….

by | Apr 3, 2003

If I’m reading the war stories correctly, this may be the time to buy into the broadcasting business. Certainly, the…

by | Mar 27, 2003

I started writing about investing in 2000, for a now-defunct magazine called Online Investor. My favorite topics came from the…

by | Mar 13, 2003

It has been several weeks since I wanted to talk about the stock market. Consequently, recent columns have focused on…

by | Mar 6, 2003

I Didn’t Know the Klan Kept Daytime Hours Things sure look bad for William “Hootie” Johnson, Chairman of Augusta National….

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