Marilia Duffles
Marilia Duffles is a contributor to the Financial Times and the Economist. She has also written for the Globo, Brazil’s leading newspaper.

Just a block away from a recent Kasich campaign event on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C., a young veteran sat on a bench in the dark shadow of the U.S. Capitol dome. Tony had lost his leg in the Iraq…

In the mellifluous and colorful ballet Coppélia, a magical inventor named Dr. Coppélius makes a pretty wooden doll so life-like a young villager forsakes his true love for the doll instead. Coppélia sits lifelessly on the balcony but seems so…

There is nothing like watching politicians utter the naked truth. So rare it defies belief. Like Cidinha Campos, the blunt Brazilian Congresswoman from Rio de Janeiro, who points the finger at the bad political apples with justified and refreshing outrage….

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