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Kevin Steel
Kevin Steel is a writer, graphic designer, and musician. He runs the website KevinSteel.org.

Reading Maher Arar’s complaint, filed in New York district court over his deportation to Syria, is a bit like reading the synopsis of a Kafka novel. The main character is detained, he is questioned, moved from place to place, asked…

EDMONTON — When a certain former presidential candidate labeled Canada “Soviet Canuckistan,” most people north of the 49th parallel dismissed it as the silly rant of a right-wing Yankee wacko. But a week and a half ago they all stopped…

by Kevin Steel | Dec 16, 2003

EDMONTON — It was a small slip, but a telling one in terms of U.S./Canada relations. On Friday, the Canadian networks were covering the transition of the Prime Minister-ship from Jean Chretien, going out, to Paul Martin, coming in. As…

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