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James P. Gannon
James P. Gannon is a retired former Wall Street Journal reporter and newspaper editor. He lives in Virginia.
by | Jan 9, 2014

Always ready to meddle in other people’s business, the Washington Post in a recent editorial advised Washington Redskins owner Dan…Read More

by | Jan 3, 2013

After the McConnell sell-out and the Boehner betrayal, after the disgraceful abandonment of principles and conservative values by the Washington…Read More

by | Oct 24, 2011

If President Barack Obama were a legal document, he’d be a sub-prime home loan. The nation’s housing crisis seems an…Read More

by | Jul 25, 2011

The July 4 issue of Time magazine carried an image of the U.S. Constitution on its cover, along with the…Read More

by | Feb 27, 2011

In a bold and daring move that suggested Churchillian backbone, the British military on Saturday flew military aircraft into Libya…Read More

by | Oct 25, 2010

One of the most striking things about this year’s political discourse (as if name-calling and wild accusations can be dignified…Read More

by | Oct 4, 2010

The reason that the mid-term election of 2010 is so important is that our county is at a critical tipping…Read More

by | Aug 25, 2010

Thoughts while pondering the 43 cents of interest I earned on my savings. A few days ago I received my…Read More

by | Aug 6, 2010

How can a Jeep TV commercial make more sense than America’s economic policy? I don’t usually pay much attention to…Read More

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