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Eve Tushnet
by | Mar 2, 2015

Part of the reason David Cronenberg’s new Maps to the Stars is so engrossing is that it’s two kinds of…Read More

by | Oct 24, 2014

For the past twelve years I’ve volunteered at a crisis pregnancy center serving mainly low-income women in the District of…Read More

by | Sep 16, 2014

The Cosmopolitans, Whit Stillman’s new project about American expats in Paris, is several different kinds of experiment: It’s Stillman’s first…Read More

by | Jul 31, 2014

Gallows humor is one of the most traditional and least savory elements of esprit de corps. For cops, doctors, soldiers,…Read More

by | Jul 22, 2014

In The Brothers Karamazov, after the atheist Ivan has talked for two full chapters—“Rebellion,” the greatest statement of the problem…Read More

by | Jul 15, 2014

Venus in Fur opens like a horror film—more precisely, like a horror-comedy. The camera swoops slowly over rainswept streets toward…Read More

by | Jun 24, 2014

My initial reaction on hearing that Disney was remaking Sleeping Beauty from the point of view of Maleficent was, “Oh…Read More

by | Jun 19, 2014

If We Are the Best! were The Breakfast Club, Allison would make over Claire—and the boys would just be accessories….Read More

by | Jun 12, 2014

I read John Darnielle’s 2011 novel Master of Reality under the unfamiliar constellations of Australia—which was fitting, since the slender book…Read More

by | May 28, 2014

I have seen the future, brother, and it is a real bummer. Ahhh, look, X-Men: Days of Future Past could be…Read More

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