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David Holman
by | May 19, 2007

Congressman Murtha used to do this sort of stuff in whispers in a corner on the House floor: During a…

by | May 17, 2007

Problem? Lack of vacation time. Solution? The federal government. This is obviously one of its roles, and it will perform…

by | May 16, 2007

I hate to break up the presidential water cooler (well, not really), but the music business has interesting news today:…

by | May 16, 2007

Sheesh, and I thought most of the talk of the presidential horse race was premature. First, the party needs a…

by | May 16, 2007

John, if Slate or Timothy Noah are sufficient standards of decency for you, it is open season on Falwell. He…

by | May 10, 2007

Philip, I wouldn’t go so far as to call that “gotcha” journalism. If the Giuliani campaign’s (oops — David Brody’s)…

by | Apr 30, 2007

Deaver backs off. His colleagues say the Daily Telegraph story about him endorsing Thompson is false.

by | Apr 30, 2007

Even my eight-year-old brother is YouTube proficient. So why not the Supreme Court? Okay, so the Court didn’t exactly post…

by | Apr 26, 2007

…as long as no one can hear them, or so Howard Dean says.

by | Apr 20, 2007

Sometimes, the White House’s stubbornness is respectable. At the same time, it can be downright unbelievable.

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