David Bier
by | Jul 26, 2012

When President Obama told a Virginia crowd last week that “if you’ve been successful, you didn’t get there on your own,” he was right. His error was in the insinuation that the “somebody” who “made that happen” was the government….

by | Feb 8, 2012

The bankruptcy of Ener1, a “green energy” firm that got a $118 million stimulus grant, has brought the Obama administration’s commitment to sinking billions of dollars into alternative energy boondoggles back into the spotlight. Unfortunately, President Obama remains committed to…

by | Jan 20, 2012

What is to blame for Americans‘ economic woes? Why, Americans‘ selfish desires, according to a school of thought that appears to be currently dominant in the White House. An excellent example of this line of thinking is former presidential economic…

by | Dec 27, 2011

The investigative journalists at the Carolina Journal recently discovered that North Carolina governor Bev Perdue had been receiving confidential employment data from the Department of Labor possibly days in advance of its official relief. As they pointed out, this was…

by | Oct 13, 2011

The Occupy Wall Street protesters think government has become corrupt. While that’s possible, it’s not the main reason why government spending fails. Rather, it fails because bureaucrats have no method to distinguish a wasteful expenditure from a valuable one. In…

by | Aug 25, 2011

Martin Luther King Jr. is now memorialized with an imposing statue on the D.C. National Mall. While the honor is long overdue, his legacy should not end with a statue. A fitting practical tribute would be to tear down legal…

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