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Amy M.
by | Nov 14, 2007

Following up on Jim’s earlier post on last night’s premiere of Rediscovering God in America, one of the more interesting…

by | Sep 28, 2007

Late last night word spread through Washington about the unexpected death of the National Taxpayers Union president, John Berthoud. John…

by | Aug 28, 2007

Part II of Michael Yon’s Ghosts of Anbar is now available online. Again, you can sign up to receive his…

by | Aug 13, 2007

Two quick items of note on war and politics: 1.) Michael Yon’s latest dispatch is now posted over at Michael…

by | Jul 18, 2007

If you haven’t been reading Michael Yon’s dispatches from Iraq, you should be. Check out his latest here.

by | Mar 21, 2007

A few months back, Jed Babbin and I debated the choice of Daniel Craig to play the new 007. I…

by | Feb 5, 2007

For a sneak peek, click here. Congrats Greg!

by | Feb 1, 2007

Today’s winner is Hillary Clinton with three photos (yesterday was Mitt Romney with four). Is there a pattern here?

by | Jan 31, 2007

Phil: A side note — in the same issue of the Politico, there are 4 photos of Romney (1 in…

by | Jan 30, 2007

Just in case you were wondering, China. Casino Royale has just premiered in Beijing and Shanghai and is the first…

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