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Alex Birkner
by | Jun 29, 2012

Romney Camp Raises 4.3 Million after Obamacare Ruling (The Hill) Unionized Doctors Better for Health Care? (Breitbart) Brian Terry’s Mother…Read More

by | Jun 22, 2012

Obama Losing Support Among the Youth Vote (Washington Examiner) LeBron Finally Has His Title: Miami Heat Win NBA Championship (ESPN)…Read More

by | Jun 21, 2012

Obama Anti-Romney Add Fails the Fact Check (Washington Post) Ship Capsizes Off Coast of Australian Territory (CNN) Jobless Claims Still…Read More

by | Jun 20, 2012

Issa Forges Ahead with Holder Contempt Vote (FoxNews) RNC Responds to Obama’s Attempt to Use Executive Privilege (Daily Caller) GOP…Read More

by | Jun 19, 2012

Earnhardt Ends Four Year Dry Spell with Win at Michigan (ESPN) He’s Doing It Again, Obama Bows to Mexican President…Read More

by | Jun 18, 2012

The Scott Walker Effect? L.A. Teachers to Take Pay Cut, Shorter Year (LA Times) French Parliament Goes Red (Yahoo News)…Read More

by | Jun 8, 2012

Oil Lobbying is a ‘Green Job’? (Daily Caller) Obama Just isn’t Liberal Enough for Some Voters (CBS DC) Health Care…Read More

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