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Apostate: Sinners Outside the Leftist Anti-Church

The Amen Pew at your local Baptist church has nothing on the legions of offended Leftists. To be a Leftist secular-religionist is to be offended, appalled, and perennially aggrieved. Triggered.

The offense is great because the sins are many. There are so many ways to get cross-wise with the “law.” (It’s important to note that the law changes depending on the adherent. That, too, means that it’s easy to violate edicts, laws, and rules.)

What this system of indignation creates is a multitude of evil people. The sinners tend to congregate and, with their pernicious value system, infect the body politic. Though the True Leftist Believers, Barack Obama, chief among them, have done their best to shun, shame, and socially isolate the Bad People, they persist. For many years, it was thought that financial confiscation, governmental persecution, and rhetorical hostility would convince these folks to change their ways. Astonishingly, it didn’t work.

The Leftist Secularists are taking a new tack: study the sinners to better understand their motivations. It’s a sociological and soul-saving exercise. Perhaps a little preaching can be thrown into the observation. Like all evangelism, it’s scary going to these forsaken places, but exciting, too!

The Huffington Post is sending a salt-of-the-earth crew to see how Those People live. They’ll be following the high functioning sociopath founder of Facebook and his many minders who wish to delve into the vox populi of the idiots in the nether regions of these United States.

What they’ll find is smelly grandma-house levels of moral pot pourri filled with obtuseness and willful disobedience.

The Bad People are bad because:

  • They like guns
  • They like babies, children and big families
  • They worship God
  • They go to church
  • They prefer SUV’s to the Subway, Train, and other forms of public transit
  • They like Suburbs
  • They like land
  • They like hunting
  • They like marriage between a man and a woman
  • They like _________ weird food
  • They like blue collar jobs
  • They like mudding (look it up, David Brooks)
  • They like deer leases
  • They like smoking and chewing tobacco
  • They like vaping
  • They like leather
  • They like fossil fuels to put into their cars, clothes, and recreational vehicles
  • They like fishing, and not just fly fishing
  • They like football, and not the soccer kind
  • They like the military and like serving in it
  • They like the police, except when the Law gets too nosey
  • They like their personal property
  • They like their money and don’t like taxes
  • They like commercial farming and farmers
  • They like air conditioning
  • They like people to follow the law, including people who want to become citizens
  • They like America
  • They like history and the monuments to it
  • They believe America is special

Bad People may hold one ideal on this list, but that one dissenting view still makes the whole person/group/tribe stupid. Worse, they’re morally bad people. Any one belief on this list consigns Them to being closed-minded racist, homophobic, bigots.

There’s no winning for someone who believes in even one counter-leftist idea and there’s certainly no redemption. Breaking one precept is to break the whole law. In addition, there are levels of violation. For example, killing a baby? Not bad. Killing a baby cow? Evil, evil, evil. Killing a dog to eat it? Well, if it’s one’s culture, how can one judge?

Tolerance is a tricky concept in the Leftist Secular Religion, the Anti-Church.

Tolerating clitoral mutilation? Well, that’s a belief that’s tolerable. Tolerating gun racks? Are you kidding me right now?

How can one “tolerate” the morally reprehensible? How can one tolerate evil? True believers know that tolerating the evil listed above leads to devastation – like not getting the president promised. So violations justify ruining lives, reputations, property, businesses, homes, schools, even killing thousands of minks, because it’s The Correct Thing To Do.

If tolerance is out, the only solution is to force conformity. Since the Bad People seem disinclined to get with the program, the force of the law, the courts, personal harassment, public shame, badgering, job loss, must be used even more to make people submit to the Correct Orthodoxy.

Maybe assassinating the leaders of the Bad People is a good beginning. Kill their generals. The troops, leaderless, will see the errors of their ways.

Bad people are too stupid and bigoted and evil to be convinced or talked to. And there is no way to let those people alone with their beliefs. They must submit. They must be quiet. They must not think that bad thing.

Jim Geraghty wrote a piece about the finger-wagging left just being narcissists. Why aren’t you more like me? He concludes:

I used to think that the most important value for living in a Constitutional Republic like ours was a bit of faith in people to eventually make the right choices for themselves. But I’m starting to wonder if an even more important value is an acceptance of people making what we perceive to be the wrong choices for themselves.

What is “moral” is whatever is important to the individual. Each liberal is his own Church of the Best Choice where the dogma is “whatever is important to me today.”

Ace calls the left the “anti-church” and discusses their religion. The whole post is worth reading. Here’s his conclusion:

But I don’t expect the left to understand this or to care even if they did to understand, because like most cultists who are in a religion not for the actual religion or learning or quickening of the spirit, but just for the unearned sense of superiority and a list of new insults to cast upon others, they really do not give a shit whether anyone leads a good life.

They’re in this for the narcissism. They’re in this for the preening. They are in this to fill the emptiness of their souls with something warm and fulfilling and offering them an easy feeling of superiority — in short, they’re in it precisely for the hatred, so telling them “you’d be better at spreading your Religion-Without-God without all the hatred” is a pointless endeavor.

It’s the only reason they’re the anti-church in the first place.

What will the reaction be, when after studying the recalcitrant creatures, it turns out they’re as awful as anticipated? How will HuffPo report? What will Mark Zuckerberg do to manipulate these people to think correctly?

More branding, shunning, firing, suing, and killing, is my guess. Since Those People can’t be talked to, they need persuasion the hard way. Kill the police. Sue the business owners out of business. Fire the apostates. Name and shame them.

Since Donald Trump was elected, since his support has held (that vile 38%), it’s obvious that the consequences for lack of submission haven’t been dire enough.

Gay rights activist Tim Gill sums up the zeal of the true believer. He’s the future:  ‘”We’re going into the hardest states in the country,” he says. “We’re going to punish the wicked.”‘

That’s the spirit!


Melissa Mackenzie
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Melissa Mackenzie is Publisher of The American Spectator. Melissa commentates for the BBC and has appeared on Fox. Her work has been featured at The Guardian, PJ Media, and was a front page contributor to RedState. Melissa commutes from Houston, Texas to Alexandria, VA. She lives in Houston with her two sons, one daughter, and two diva rescue cats. You can follow Ms. Mackenzie on Twitter: @MelissaTweets.
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