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Annoying to the End — Jeff Flake Publicly Writes Check to Roy Moore’s Challenger

This guy.

Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) is being unceremoniously run out of office after one term because he so utterly failed his constituents in my native state of Arizona. That was largely accomplished by morphing from a legitimately conservative representative in the House to an unsavory version of “John McCain Lite” in the Senate. The modus operandi for that gig involves being more interested in making members of the mainstream media happy than pleasing one’s voters.

Of course, Flake and his compadres in the MSM tell a different story. In that fairy tale, Flake is being turned away by the good voters in Arizona because the GOP has changed so much under President Trump. Grab any size group of random registered Republicans in Arizona and ask about that and 90 percent of them will assure it’s not true.

Over the past summer, Flake easily slid into McCain’s “thorn in the side of his own party” role while Maverick was in the hospital. As his poll numbers continued to plummet and he finally made the wise choice not to seek re-election, Flake really embraced the backstabbing Republican media darling spotlight.

Which brings us to today and this pathetic moment of grandstanding:

I haven’t checked on Flake yet, but there is a real chance that he injured his shoulder patting himself on the back for that.

The discussion about why Republicans should or should not vote for Moore has been played out for weeks now. Everyone has a side on that, except for the RNC, of course. Let us just focus on Flake’s action(s) here.

It is one thing to be opposed to a given candidate even if he or she shares your party affiliation. It happens from time to time for those who aren’t straight ticket people.

It is something altogether unconscionable, however, to express one’s distaste for the candidate from one’s own party by financially aiding an opponent who proudly opposes something that should be a bedrock of conservative belief. Bear in mind that Flake proudly proclaims that he is conservative. To aid and abet an openly pro-abortion candidate just to get some treats thrown his way by the MSM is a lower than low move.

You can be steeped in conservative principles and oppose any number of Republican candidates. Once you’re providing financial assistance to a very public supporter of abortion, you’ve abandoned the right to call yourself a conservative. Giving comfort to the pro-abortion crowd isn’t worth whatever point Flake was trying to make there.

Who knows, maybe his rejection has so soured him that Flake is actually moving to the left on this issue. We have seen far stranger things happen in politics lately.

It is unlikely though that a devout Mormon who lives in one of (if not the) most conservative cities in Arizona is suddenly leaping leftward.

Sadly, this is probably just about Flake’s need to milk the spotlight while he can. Rather than writing “Country Over Party” Flake should have gone with “Ego Over Principles.”

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