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Always a Victim, Never Responsible
Statue of Dolores Ibarruri, La Pasionaria (Sonictiller/Creative Commons)

The Democratic Party has a long history of promoting class warfare. Somehow if you are rich you acquired your wealth through nefarious means. If you are poor, it is because the rich took advantage of you. The other day, Ocasio-Cortez (a.k.a. AOC), the new Pasionaria of the left, actually said that it was immoral for someone to have a billion dollars. That caused me to have a quick look at just four companies whose founders have a billion and much more… Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and Google. Let’s see what these immoral folks have done. They have revolutionized shopping, communication, information retrieval, among other advancements that have benefited the entire human condition. Now to Ms. AOC and her pals in the Democratic Party, these few immoral visionaries have created companies that employ nearly one million workers whom they pay approximately $100 billion a year in salary with many more billions in benefits. Can’t get much more immoral than that.

About 10 or so years ago, the Democrats discovered a new mantra… victimization. In the years since they have continually broadened the list of victims that only the Democrats can rescue. Of course, they quickly included the traditional standbys of blacks, Hispanics, and women. To those they then added LGBTs, welfare recipients, senior citizens, government workers (oxymoron?), college students, Muslims, etc. According to the left, if you borrowed $100,000 to get a degree in Sanskrit and can’t earn enough to pay it back, you are a victim of the bank who loaned you the money. The same with a mortgage. If you used your food stamps to buy bags of Cheetos, gallons of Pepsi and are morbidly obese … not your fault. You are a victim of pernicious food companies. Add to that, you are likely a victim of homophobia, Islamophobia, misogyny, racism, white privilege and of course, Trump and the Republican Party. No matter what is your problem in life it is not your fault, you are not responsible because you are a victim.

Just when the Democrats were running out of their list of victims, along comes New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to save the day. Evidently the state has a $2.3 billion revenue shortfall. Apparently the state along with Massachusetts, Connecticut, and California are victims of the new tax law that limits deduction for state income taxes. The wealthy are leaving these states in droves for low or non-tax states like Florida, Texas, and Nevada. The golden geese are tired of being fleeced and they are outta here. Does Cuomo blame his own state for people fleeing outrageous taxes? Of course not, as that would require taking responsibility. That the rest of the country’s taxpayers have been subsidizing these progressive high tax states for years seems lost on Cuomo. According to Andy’s remarks, as reported in the WSJ, the entire government of New York is a hapless victim of… wait for it, Donald J. Trump. As Gomer Pyle would say, “surprise, surprise.”

Just sayin’.

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