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Alone in Kenosha

Prior to the mockery of justice playing out this month in Kenosha, Wisconsin, which stemmed from the riots there last year, my sole knowledge of the Wisconsin city was of the late, great John Candy belonging to the Kenosha Kickers in Home Alone. Sadly, it’s no longer “Polka Polka Polka,” but rather guilt by whiteness. Due process is under grave threat and the corporate leftist media have been pushing a narrative that threatens to incite civil war in our country.

Ask yourself this: if you are a white conservative, and had to be judged by a jury with your social media accounts in the open, would you plea or take your chances? Look at all the conservatives who have been indicted or have had their lives ruined in the last five years. Other than Harvey Weinstein, could you name one Democrat who has had to bear the same costs?

Kyle Rittenhouse was charged with first-degree murder within 48 hours of the incident in Kenosha, where he shot three people, killing two in self-defense. Special Counsel John Durham has been investigating the circumstances surrounding the phony, ginned-up Trump-Russia collusion lie for nearly three years at a cost of millions of dollars. Think about that! Think about all that we know about the Steele-Clinton dossier, manufactured by a former MI6 agent, using dubious sources. Think about two people killed in self-defense during a riot, compared with dozens of people who apparently conspired to unseat a duly elected president.

Due process is on life support and, by proxy, so is the Constitution. Both have been grievously wounded by the Democratic Party and their lapdog media.

Several hundred people from the January 6 “tour of the Capitol” remain in a D.C. jail, most of them facing misdemeanor charges. A dozen or so have accepted plea bargains in hopes of making the nightmare end. But how many of the Antifa or Black Lives Matter rioters who caused over $1 billion in damages across the country and left at least 25 people dead are in prison now? The answer is slim to none, and slim left town. Can anyone have a fair trial when the judge and jury are threatened with being doxxed, assaulted, and possibly killed?

The answer, unfortunately, has little to do with voting more Republicans into office. Unlike high-profile Democrats such as Vice President Kamala Harris, who lent her name to a fundraising effort last year to help bail rioters out of jail, Republican leaders have done little to assist January 6 defendants. With rare exceptions, counting on an elected Republican to do the right thing is like counting on BLM and Antifa to be civil.

Virginia voters may have elected a Republican governor, but they didn’t necessarily embrace the Republican platform. They rejected the Democrats’ lurch to the woke left, with its emphasis on corrosive identity politics embodied in critical race theory. Loudoun County voted for Terry McAuliffe by 10 points, but parents of children in the district showed the rest of the country that they do not have to accept Marxist indoctrination without a fight. The takeaway: You are going to be shamed and slandered, so run with it, baby. The bigger question is: Will the conservative movement follow suit?

If conservatives don’t, and Republicans win, let’s be real — we ain’t seen nothing yet. Hawk Newsome, a leader of Black Lives Matter in New York City, last week vowed after meeting with Mayor-elect Eric Adams, “there will be blood on the streets” if New York dares to police again.

Let’s not kid ourselves, New York is a harbinger for the rest of the country. But notice that Newsome made his threats — real, terroristic threats — in the pages of the New York Daily News. He doesn’t need due process because there will be no process.

You can only put your knee on someone’s neck for so long before they die — or they decide to fight back. The Left has its knee on America’s neck. What happens with Kyle Rittenhouse will be a watershed moment in America’s consitutional history: due process and and the natural right to self-defense either will die or will endure another day. The verdict will determine whether citizen-soldiers remain civil. One thing is for sure: it won’t be remembered for the Kenosha Kickers.

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