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Terrorist Ahmad Khan Rahami Caught, Wife Gone

Three months ago, the worst attack on American soil since 9/11 happened at a gay bar in Orlando, Florida. You’ve heard nothing about it since. It is still unknown where the attacker’s wife, Noor “blame the guns” Zahi Salmon, disappeared to.

Secretary of State John Kerry said it would be better if the media didn’t cover terrorism at all.  Kerry is currently being led around by the nose by the Syrian government who don’t have to try to hard to make him look like an idiot:

So, to summarize: John Kerry negotiated a fake cease-fire with people who have an unblemished record of undermining American interests and lying to him personally. Now they’ve pulled the rug out in the most conspicuous and humiliating way possible, and Kerry thinks Assad simply goofed on media etiquette and wants to iron out the details of the cease fire in a new round of negotiations — and it’d all be possible if the media would stop claiming that he has failed.

Vain, dense, and self-deluded, John Kerry is such an enormous embarrassment to the United States and such a profound cretin as a human being that it almost makes his humiliation enjoyable to watch. Except that there are civilians in Syria whose lives depend on the aid Kerry so cruelly keeps promising, and which he should know will never be delivered.

The best minds.

Back to the bombings. The media is attempting to downplay the bombings by naturalized citizen Ahmad Khan Rahami. It’s no big deal. There were only injuries–no deaths. Also, Rahami’s wife disappeared.

Then there’s the Minnesota stabber who seemed to have a psychotic break.

By a month from now, there will be silence. It’s the silence, the attenuation to the shock, that is alarming.

The silence protects the incompetence of this government. Barack Obama empties Guantanamo Bay and the terrorists get back to work on killing their enemies–anyone who doesn’t believe their malicious ideology. America is their enemy (just to clarify for Hillary Clinton.)

America’s leadership searches for motives. The media searches for ways to downplay the threat.

There are many reasons Donald Trump is doing better than anyone expected. Not the least of which is that he can say the word “terrorism” and doesn’t forget the attacks days after they happen.

Meanwhile in Europe…..

Melissa Mackenzie
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Melissa Mackenzie is Publisher of The American Spectator. Melissa commentates for the BBC and has appeared on Fox. Her work has been featured at The Guardian, PJ Media, and was a front page contributor to RedState. Melissa commutes from Houston, Texas to Alexandria, VA. She lives in Houston with her two sons, one daughter, and two diva rescue cats. You can follow Ms. Mackenzie on Twitter: @MelissaTweets.
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