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A Conservative College Student’s Survival Guide
The rotunda at the University of Virginia (BrianPIrwin/Shutterstock)

As we tear another sheet from our calendar, it’s time for us college students to head back to school. And for many members of the virtual-graduation generation, it will be our first time experiencing the real deal — unless the COVID-variant-palooza inspires new lockdowns.

The transition to college is exhilarating for the optimists, depressing for the pessimists, and, if we are honest, a little scary for all. But for a particular group of students, adjusting to college life means buckling up before the crazy bus departs to Woketown.

If you are part of that group, you are not alone. At first, one would assume the un-Woke dissidents are just conservatives, but the situation is so dire that adding any non-America-haters to the club makes sense. So, go recruit them. As it is common, the intellectually arrogant will dominate the spectacle with the unilateral application of ideologically rigid lenses. They are loud, entitled, and are prone to overestimating their cerebral capacities. You will see intolerance in the name of tolerance, discrimination in the name of anti-discrimination, and hatred in the name of love. It is pretty odd. But if you shield yourself from pernicious idea pathogens — with knowledge, not masks — you can make it through.

While conservatives are familiarized with the theories of post-modern sweetheart Michael Foucault and introduced to Karl Marx’s grandiose delusions, our left-leaning friends are deprived of any semblance of conservative pedagogy. Cheers to diversity! One of the most influential philosophies in American history — and world history — seems to be hiding from students at the modern university.

One would think that maybe the institutions that pride themselves on creating leaders would want their students to grasp the basics of what half of Americans believe. But all their slogans aside, hypocrisy is their credo. Thus, hoity-toity leftists reduce the wisdom of hundreds of thinkers to vacuous platitudes, i.e., conservatives hate the poor, they are uneducated, and they are all racist. Yet if you ask some of the conceited social justice warriors who Edmund Burke is, they will probably think he is a musician.

It will be tough at times. When the uber-ideological political science majors team up with the know-it-all academics, you will have to tape your eyes to your eyelids to avoid rolling them. But once you build resilience, you can make it through without sacrificing an inch of integrity — and this virtue is what we should hold closest to our hearts.

Universities did not suddenly become laboratories of leftist thought. Instead, while the Left used every available mechanism to monopolize the playground, the Right remained passive. This must change now. Once they steal our history, replace our virtues, and poison next generations with divisive nonsense, everything worth conserving could follow.

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