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A Sheriff Star My Foot

So Donald Trump’s story (and Jeff Lord’s) is that the image he tweeted (and then deleted) featuring Hillary Clinton with cash and the caption “Most Corrupt Candidate Ever” encased in a Star of David is actually a sheriff’s badge. A sheriff’s badge my foot.

Jeff, citing Lawman, a now obscure TV Western & a Fourth of July gathering he attended decades ago, tells us, “These six-pointed stars in American law enforcement history and the larger American culture are as common as popcorn in a movie theater.”

But if these six-pointed stars are so commonplace then why did it take Trump nearly 48 hours to come up with that defense? Why did the famously politically incorrect Trump see fit to delete the tweet featuring this star following the backlash? For his part, Jeff says the deletion was a mistake. That is his view, but the fact that Trump hasn’t reposted the tweet is very telling indeed.

Jeff might know his TV Westerns, but his knowledge of Judaism and Jewish history is sorely lacking. Frankly, I doubt Jeff could tell the difference between a menorah and a matzoh ball. Anyone possessing a cursory knowledge of Jewish history will be aware of the anti-Semitic canard claiming that powers that be are controlled by “Jewish money”, a canard which goes back to the Middle Ages. Anti-Semitism has been around a lot longer than TV Westerns. Let’s remember that the Hillary meme originally appeared on a white supremacist website. Given their lack of affinity for Jews, I somehow doubt the white supremacist in question and his followers viewed it as a sheriff’s star.

But Jeff protests that it can’t be a Star of David because Trump’s daughter Ivanka and her children are Jewish. If that is the case then why did Trump once praise Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Holocaust denying former President of Iran, as “a great leader”? Jeff claims that Occupy Wall Street brought President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and David Duke together. But it was Trump who wouldn’t condemn Duke when repeatedly asked to do so by Jake Tapper. With that said, it could be the case that Ivanka is the reason Trump felt compelled to delete the Tweet. If she interceded with regard to the removal of Corey Lewandowski then is it beyond the realm of possibility that she interceded in this matter? If so then she is the only Trump with any lick of sense.

But Jeff will keep making excuses for Donald Trump on TV and online. By all means please do so. Because the more he does so, the more he will drive voters into the arms of Hillary Clinton.

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