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A Second Mexican War?
New York Mayor Eric Adams (CBS Evening News/YouTube)

The Dallas Morning News, longtime home of one of The American Spectator’s most beloved columnists, William Murchison, is on target in its editorial approval of Gov. Greg Abbott’s “Operation Lone Star,” which has been busing illegals out of Texas to so-called sanctuary cities.

Northern mayors are not amused.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot calls the policy racist and unpatriotic.

Washington, D.C.’s Muriel Bowser, who is up for reelection in November, is outraged and has asked her Democratic Party colleague, President Clouseau (excuse me, that is American Spectator writer Larry Thornberry’s witty sobriquet for Joe Biden), for National Guard reinforcements to control the inflow of immigrants.

The Big Apple’s Eric Adams, ex-cop, is nuanced (by his standards), playing the big-hearted city-of-immigrants card after slamming Abbott for being inhumane and playing politics.

Abbott is right on the money, however. It is much less expensive to bus a few hundred, by now probably thousand, people in air-conditioned buses than to “process” them in the small and often not particularly rich towns on Texas’s long border with Mexico.

Note in passing that many of the residents of these towns are Tejanos, Americans of Mexican heritage, and they are incensed at the illegal invasion, the brunt of which they are bearing. Like Mayra Flores, the winner of a July special election in Texas’s 34th District, they are absolutely not racist or xenophobic. Rather, they are law-abiding patriots who proudly wear the uniforms of the U.S. military as well as the Border Patrol.

The American Spectator, a sometimes-over-the-top satirical magazine by its own heritage, was pro-Abbott before Abbott, as we recall from border commentary written in the teens.

Satire, as we know from Swift, Voltaire, and Mark Twain — and many others! — is serious enough to veer toward tragic.

The border crisis, which propelled Donald Trump to the Republican Party nomination in 2016 and was a crucial factor in his November 2016 win, is a casus belli, if invasion means anything. It has been for years and is now, as Daniel Flynn and others — notably over at Breitbart, whose long-running “border chronicles” ought to be anthologized and widely circulated — have noted, a murderous attack on Americans, involving killer drugs and plain killers.

As he put in his American Spectator newsletter Wednesday, Flynn is quite right that a winning slogan for November 2024 is there for the taking: “Bomb the Cartels.” These Mexican gangs function like rogue states. If neither the Mexican federales nor ours can stop them, Texans will.

Abbott can mobilize the Texas Air National Guard and send it into action.

That would be a war Americans can understand much better than the proxy one we are engaged in with Russia.

And if he chooses to re-up, it would give George W. Bush, a Texas Air National Guard veteran, something better to do than give classes in “leadership.”

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