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A Letter to a Former Editor about Trump

By Don Surber

This is an actual letter.

Dear (Blank):

It has been a week, but it seems as if Donald Trump has been president for a year because of how much he has accomplished in so short a time.

Chief among his accomplishments are Carrier staying, car companies building factories, foreign investors investing, building a Cabinet of Competents, and crafting executive orders that rescind the eight years of excess from a president who was a vain figurehead of the socialist wing of the Democratic Party.

Your editorials should be shouting his praises. Instead, you nitpick (often based on erroneous reporting) and only grudgingly give this angel his due.

This is in sharp contrast with the reaction of your readers who overwhelmingly ignored your advice (and that of 243 other newspapers) and voted for him.

They are cheering. Believe me. They love the guy. He stands up for the people and against the media.

He stands up for coal. The only time he did not give a campaign speech in a ballcap was in Charleston when he wore the safety helmet Friends of Coal gave him. He had a great time. When he said, “I dig coal,” he delighted the audience by making digging moves.

Trump hit the ground running after winning election, a victory that surprised you but not me.

I expected he would immediately go to work.

Trump relishes the job. He gave up easily a billion dollars in income over the more than five years that he campaigned and he will serve. Economists call this an opportunity cost.

Unlike you, I had time in retirement to fully research the subject, turning it into my book, “Trump the Press,” and a coming sequel, “Trump the Establishment.”

An aside, Glenn Reynolds gave me a nice plug on the first book this week in USA Today.

After 27 years of writing editorials, I know the daily pressures of writing them. I, too, had to rely on reporting that I knew in my heart came from liberals, or as we now call them “social justice warriors.”

That’s an explanation, not an excuse.

You need to do more for your readers so you can guide them through the next four years (likely eight) of the Trump presidency. If they want to read negative commentary filled with half-truths and lies, they can always read your liberal competitor.

So, let me tell you about Trump. He is a winner. From being the head of his class in high school to being president, he wins.

Trump takes to heart Sun Tzu’s maxim: “Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.”

Donald Trump knew he had the race won before he entered it on June 16, 2015. He had studied the electorate. He studied the competition. He knew their weaknesses and their strengths.

The man is a workaholic who puts in 12-hour days. He is a great self-promoter. He knows the media better than anyone in Washington. He played a bigger room, New York City.

He learned that when they shove you, you shove back twice as hard.

No Republican has done this before? So what? The media has never, ever been so relentlessly negative against a candidate for president. Things are so bad that a Gallup Poll in September showed only 32 percent of the public trusts the media.

May I suggest that you find out why? The media is not smarter than 68 percent of the people.

Oh, Trump can handle criticism, having survived having his life laid out publicly in his Divorce of the Century from Ivana Trump. Gossip columnist Liz Smith did Pulitzer-worthy coverage of this spectacle. Neither party stopped talking to her, which is a testament to the maturity of all three.

By the way, both his ex-wives wholeheartedly endorsed him in this race. Either could have ruined him.

But Trump pushes back on the press because so many voters are tired of milquetoast Republicans. He is their champion.

The Donald Trump you read about in the columns of George Will and his ilk is a bizarre distortion crafted in the salons of the nation’s capital.

Trump threatens their gravy train. They fear a businessman taking over the biggest single employer in the country and running it as a business.

Washington is a company town. Its denizens now feel the pain the people in coal country feel from the EPA.

Will and company write that he does not know what he is doing. Inside they fear that he knows what he is doing.

I hate to see you fooled by this.

Trump’s agenda has the Heritage Foundation’s seal of approval, mainly because Heritage wrote most of it.

To pay for the Wall — which Congress authorized in 2006 – he got Grover Norquist to support a new tax.

Want to know who Trump will pick to succeed Justice Antonin Scalia? He gave you a list of the 21 people he is considering. And he keeps promises.

Don’t fall for Trump’s traps. He uses Twitter to release squirrels for the media to chase.

Remember that “Hamilton” controversy? It kept out of the news for a weekend Trump’s $25 million settlement with 7,000 former students and the state of New York.

For a guy who spent only $66 million on his campaign, that settlement was huge. If this is the first you are reading about this, shame on you.

In the 1980s, Trump purchased and renovated the Commodore Hotel, which was a down-and-out shell of itself between the then XXX-rated Times Square and the lonely Grand Central Station. He turned the hotel into the Grand Hyatt, and sparked a renaissance of Manhattan.

He will do the same for our country.

Please support that.

Make America Great Again.


Note: Don Surber is a retired newspaperman living in Poca, West Virginia. “Trump the Press” is available at Amazon and on Kindle.


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