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A Leader Without a Moral Compass

Somewhere General Douglas McArthur is looking down on America and shedding a tear for what we have become — a nation whose leader cannot comprehend the difference between right and wrong, good and evil, victim and oppressor. The moral equivalence movement, with its moral relativism, and the fatuous history taught in our institutions of post-secondary (no longer higher) education have come to a head in the obscenity committed by President Obama in Hiroshima.

The atomic bomb was not some kind of “evil” as the president consciously chose to portray it, but the source of victory that brought Japan’s barbaric aggression to an end. Even so, it required two bombs to accomplish this and the putting down of a potential revolt by Japan’s young officers who chose to fight on to the death.

Those in their sinecured warrens burrowed in the groves of academe who teach that the bomb was evil have never taken an instant to read the Japanese order of battle on the eve of the atomic attacks. Our intelligence totally underestimated the strength of the Japanese army in Manchuria or Japan’s navy. An invasion of the islands would have resulted in hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of casualties of military and civilians.

What is evil is a man standing at the memorial at Hiroshima who made no mention of the rape of Nanking, the Bataan Death March, the bombing of hospital ships, the cannibalism, and the medical experiments on POWs for which Japan seared a name for itself in history’s Pantheon of infamy.

Obama has turned the Japanese predator into a victim, and the Chinese who suffered immeasurably at the hands of Japan’s bestiality will never forget what Obama did; neither will the Koreans, the Australians, the Filipinos, our veterans, or those of us who are old enough to remember World War II.

It is Obama’s narcissism that proposes a world without nuclear weapons. What dictatorship could be trusted to keep such a promise? A world without nuclear weapons is like an America without guns. In the latter, only criminals will have guns; in the former, only aggressive dictatorships will possess nuclear weapons — in secret.

The mindless left, which thinks solving the world’s problems is like the staging of a college seminar, is cheering Obama on. But those who suffered at the hands of the Japanese have had the salt of his hubris rubbed into their wounds and their traumas resurrected.

How will America serve in the future as a force for peace anywhere in the world? Who in the Middle East will view this with anything but disgust and apprehension? A nation that desecrates its own history and makes a mockery of the sacrifices of its heroes is a nation not to be trusted. It did not lose its moral compass; it threw it away.

As for the “victims” Obama embraced, who were they cheering on in the war that started with the sneak attack at Pearl Harbor? Where is the Japanese apology for Pearl Harbor and the massive war crimes it committed?

At Hiroshima, Obama disrespected the lives of the men and women who fought Japan, the victims of Japanese barbarism, and his own country. The Chinese along with the other victims of Japanese aggression will look upon this as an act of unmitigated contempt. And who can blame them. On the morning after Obama’s trip to Hiroshima, America is something far less than it once was. It will no longer be trusted as an ally or respected as an adversary. It is no longer a force for good in the world but a caricature of what once was a great and proud nation.

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