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A Fraudulent Humanitarian

“When angry, count four. When really angry, swear,” advised Samuel Clemens.

I am done swearing and done counting.

It’s been a week since Jesse Williams (actor, Grey’s Anatomy, among other notable entertainment accomplishments) pretended to take on the mantle of social activist while accepting the BET “Humanitarian Award,” presented (perhaps underwritten) by the corporate insurance behemoth State Farm; the irony of which is striking when you take in some of the anti-corporate (read: anti-white “privilege”) elements of his screed.

Here are some bon mots from his standing ovation received cri de coeur:

It’s the “system,” the same system that has enriched and uplifted him, that “seeks” to impoverish and destroy the black community.

He gives a shout out to the “black women” in the audience, seemingly oblivious of the misogyny rampant in black music entertainment, in both lyrics and imagery.

He contends that the police manage to “disarm, deescalate and not kill white people” every day. Oblivious to the fact that more “white” people are killed every year by law enforcement, especially when taking into account crime rates in the respective racial communities.

He goes on, equating the force used by officer Darren Wilson (in the infamous Michael Brown/Ferguson incident) to defend himself against Michael Brown, an (accurately) identified suspect who attempted to grab officer Wilson’s firearm, to Michael Brown’s use of force to rob a convenience store while assaulting its immigrant owner.

“Is the use of force justified or not?” thundered William in a shockingly misapplication of morally equivalence.

Samuel L. Jackson (another wannabe racial “activist” who missuses his position and stature in popular culture to demagogue on racial matters) proceeded, later in the night’s festivities, to laud Williams as a modern example of 1960s activism (I suppose akin to real civil rights heroes like Martin Luther King and John Lewis, victims of violence from Democratic Party segregationist thugs like Bull Connor).

Meanwhile, the slaughter of innocents continues in other, not so ritzy, venues. Such as on the streets of Chicago where, mainly in the Southside where President Obama “organized,” 401 black men, women, and children we killed in 2015. So far this year, 247 black lives were taken. If the trend continues, 493 black lives will be taken by year-end, 2016. An increase of just under double (99.5%) from 2015.

Do these lives matter to Messrs. William and Jackson? Can we expect an outcry anytime soon from these gentlemen or from the Black Lives Matter folks regarding this ongoing tragedy?

Unless Mr. Williams stands on a street corner in South Chicago; or plants his feet in West Baltimore or, practically anywhere, in Detroit; and uses his obvious elocutionary gifts to say “enough” to self-induced slaughter in the Black Community, it is manifest that from his cheap and easy demagoguery, his lazy blindness, and misguided vitriol, that he is a fraud, and failure to the community he pretends to represent. He cares little for the black lives that really matter.

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