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A Democratic Road to Recovery

Nuclear war, loss of rights for the LGBTQ community, mass deportations, chaos, impeachment, collusion, and obstruction. Everyone in the Trump administration being fired yesterday, today, and tomorrow. All things predicted, and many actually reported. No, the demise of Western civilization has not occurred in the past five months, just the demise of leftists having an ounce of civility.

Leftist civility is an oxymoron in its finest form. An ideology built on hate and intolerance, and devoid of any form of spirituality, that has left its sufferers disillusioned, spiteful, hateful and downright dangerous. As we in our country are dealing with what is being called an opioid crisis — apparently that sounds more romantic than an addiction crisis — I can’t help but think that the symptoms of addiction mirror those of leftism. Yes, just like opioids are the fix of the moment to millions of suffering addicts, the President is the opioid of the left.

The drug, the drink, the President, is the relief, but not the cause. Some of the symptoms of addiction are delusions of grandeur, self-hatred, anger, zero accountability, fear of everything, and the absolute necessity to escape reality. Sound familiar? A spiritual hole so big, so lonely, and so terrifying, that the only “rational” cure is a drug, or in the leftist case, our President, and his supporters. There is help for the addict, and that gives me a flicker of hope. There is even help for the leftist, but of course the first step is admitting you have a problem, and that is a big challenge.

The only cure and reprieve I have seen work, for those afflicted with addiction, is the twelve steps. Sure, treatment centers are helpful, but they aren’t the cure. Although a treatment center for leftists is quite comical, since we know leftists have no interest in paying for their own care. However, I’m sure many of us would gladly help kick start that campaign. Maybe that is what the left needs: treatment centers with an immediate follow up at a local recovering leftist twelve-step meeting.

And for those who will say I am mocking addiction, I can promise you I am not, for while I’m not a recovering leftist I am in recovery. And I only see the signs, because I was a billboard for these symptoms. Maybe that’s why leftism pains me so much. It mirrors so many of my drunken behaviors and attitudes. I do not believe leftists are “bad people in need of getting good, but rather sick people needing to get well.” This is not discounting, in any way, many of the sick things they do in the name of leftism.

Make no mistake, though: Bernie Sanders and George Soros are two of the biggest “opioid” dealers to the left. Herr Soros is supplying the shipment, with comrade Sanders delivering the goods. Do we go after the addicts, or the suppliers? The “addicts” need our help. The suppliers need to be revealed for who and what they are.

Leftists: You have been lied to and taken advantage of. When you eventually come out of this haze you are in, you will realize that it was done not by the President, but by the snake oil salesmen and charlatans, who took advantage of your sickness and weakness, simply for money and power. Ask yourselves this: What is the Democratic Party, right now, without this rage, and hate, with which it is fueling your addictions? The answer is nothing.

Sober up! The only chaos and nuclear war that has been created is that which you have created and manifested in your own lives. The only collusion, and obstruction, that we have evidence for rests solely in the party you belong to. It’s time to break the cycle of leftism, and we are well on our way. With every fake story and leader being deliciously exposed, and, yes, Bernie, you and your wife, Bonnie and Clydeing a bank, a leftist gets healed. Keep talking, Jim Acosta. You are saving a leftist, one word at time. “Saving one leftist is like saving the world.” Recovery is possible, and so is civility. I believe this, because I have recovered, and so can you.

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