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A Crack in the Rock of Peter

Jesus said to Peter, “Upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it (Matthew 16:18).” Yet last week they sure as hell put a crack in it, at least in Miami where I live. This is the most servile region of the free state of Florida, and the Archdiocese of Miami followed the sheep rather than lead them, by reimposing the mask mandate in every Mass. With their statement Wednesday, Catholic leaders proved they’re more scared of a sissy virus than their forebearers once were of Roman soldiers raiding the catacombs.

A similar mask mandate was reinstituted earlier this month in Miami Catholic schools, completely disregarding the far worse cognitive and psychological damage that forced masking may wreak on children — while pursuing the unattainable chimera of COVID-19 containment. I can’t help my high-school freshman niece, but I will not attend Mass until the mask mandate is literally lifted.

I mostly stopped going to church last year during the original mask mandate, when the pandemic’s consequences were far less known. I went only on my assigned days as a lector to read the Scripture unmasked. I happened to be lector on November 5 and announced the lifting of the mandate. Instantly, half the masks in the congregation came off, and smiles appeared for the first time in nearly a year. The ushers cheered me like Ben Hur after the chariot race.

But then in subsequent weeks, more masks came back on as media-induced Omicron hysteria grew. The Archdiocese of Miami wasted no time in furthering it with pseudo-science. “Given the rapid spread of the omicron variant of COVID, I ask you to resume requiring the use of facemasks, even for the vaccinated, during the celebration of the liturgy and other parish functions as well as maintain proper social distancing,” wrote Archbishop Thomas Wenski. In other words, the vaccinations won’t stop the virus spread but those absurd unhygienic masks should do the trick. Even in the faith, herd mentality trumps herd immunity.

Now a different religion is not only superseding Christianity but also infecting it — the pagan cult of progressivism. Its crucifix is the mask. And its cultists feel free to assail non-wearers the same way street preachers once did passersby — with hell and brimstone. This recently befell former Trump advisor and popular radio host Sebastian Gorka, as witnessed by the wife of a good friend of mine — a Harvard-educated D.C. power lawyer deep in the conservative catacombs and waiting for the Underground to rise again. I’ll call him “Bob.”

The unmasked Sebastian Gorka walked into a McLean, Virginia post office. The sign on the door said, Wearing masks recommended, not “required.” Gorka stood in line quietly minding his own business, just ahead of my friend’s wife, “Jane,” amid what Jane termed “the tote-bag crowd” of both sexes or, in their mind, perhaps more. Jane could almost sense their irritation growing into anger. Finally, one semi-man spoke up, loud enough for everyone — especially Gorka — to hear.

“I can’t believe he walked in here without a mask,” he said. This unmuted the Greek chorus of tote-baggers. “How about showing common courtesy by wearing a mask like everyone else!” “Why don’t you just get out and come back with a mask!” Gorka did not respond or react the whole way to the counter, where the Vietnamese postal clerk handled his transaction politely and professionally. “Because those people know what tyranny and mass fanaticism looks like,” Bob said. “And mask fever is it.”

Bob also shared with me his legal scholarship on Friday’s incredible Supreme Court hearing over Biden vaccine mandate, which demonstrated a profound lagoon of ignorance among the Democrat-named judges. One of them, Stephen Breyer, was Bob’s professor at Harvard Law School. “(Sonia) Sotomayor disgraced herself for everyone to see by spewing ‘facts’ that have no mooring in reality and revealed herself as a results-oriented political thug rather than a jurist,” he said. “Sadly, my old law professor Stephen Breyer was no better, and — unlike the wise Latina, who is stupid — he knows better. Those three (with Elena Kagan) vote as a political bloc. They are not judges, at least on issues with large political overtones.”

Returning to the subject of Catholic Church error, I recommend its leaders seek inspiration not only from Christ, but from the 1953 science-fiction masterpiece, The War of the Worlds. There, the threat is far more dire than a China Virus now withering on the vine despite full media panic porn. Martian war machines have devastated most of the Earth and all of Los Angeles. In the magnificent ending, survivors seek refuge in a church, where they don’t cower or lament but defiantly sing a hymn of faith.

And God rewards their faith by destroying the Martians in an unexpected way, with a virus. Or, as the narrator states (paraphrasing H.G. Welles’s narrator in the novel), “After all that men could do had failed, the Martians were destroyed and humanity was saved by the littlest thingswhich God, in His wisdom, had put upon this Earth.” Perhaps the inescapable dreaded Omicron may be just the God-sent remedy we need.

And let me make a challenge to my Church leaders. Add a mask-free Mass every Sunday for the duration of your mandate, wherein I and other rash worshippers can only “infect” each other. I’ll bet you the attendance will be greater. You have nothing to lose except your masks.

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