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Re: He Said, He Said

Well, Phil, I was just going to ignore that latest outburst of Ken Layne insanity. (I’m certain it was Layne; the other Wonkette writer, Alex Pareene, is way too easy-going to have written that.) But since you brought it up, it’s worth noting that Edwards denies saying what Layne is defending, and it isn’t because it’s impolitic. It’s because it’s indefensible.

In the comments, after being accused of not being “big fans of The Tribe,” Layne writes,

We love the Tribe! The Jesus Freaks have to have the temple rebuilt so Jesus will come back and kill all the Jews! I am serious about this.

Do you realize these same rapture-nuts supported the Holocaust because they thought it meant Jesus had come back?

By opposing Israel’s right to defend itself in the face of apocalyptic Iranian nuclear saber-rattling, Layne seems to be saying the Jewish State should do nothing to prevent a new Holocaust. So I have to ask, is Layne a closet “rapture-nut?”

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