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Gov. Nathan Deal Caves to Crony Capitalism in Georgia

“We are going to create a nation that works for all of us, not just for a handful of millionaires and billionaires,” says Sen. Bernie Sanders. Democrats love this line. They imagine some rich crony capitalist out there squirming and fearing his undue political power threatened. Probably a Koch brother. They never picture their own “millionaires and billionaires” subverting the political process. But of course they do. Almost exclusively, and certainly more noticeable, powerfully, and openly. In other words, they are hypocrites. Take Georgia, for example.

Gov. Nathan Deal has vetoed a bill that would protect the religious liberty and freedom of citizens of his state. It was a bill passed by the state legislature acting on behalf of the people. This is what a representative democratic body does. But that bill will not become law, and the reason is that Republican Governor Nathan Deal was cowed into submission by ultra-rich leftists who use the power of their mega-corporations in far away states to bypass the will of the Georgia voters and force compliance with their worldview. 

Yeah isn’t that, like, exactly what you’re always complaining about, Democrats?

Republicans believe in the free market and, as part of that market, big bully corporations are free to do as they please. If they wish, they can even refuse to do business with someone based on their values. They can refuse to participate in a job that would violate their conscience. For example, Disney can refuse to do business in Georgia because they think it violates some tenet of multiculturalism or “tolerance.” They can do that. But maybe, possibly, notice that their right to do business with whom they choose is the exact right they are denying to people of faith in Georgia.

The bill in question, House Bill 757, would protect individuals of religious faith from being forced to participate in gay marriage ceremonies that violate their beliefs. This is not to say that a movie studio can’t hire gay production managers. Or actors. Or directors. Indeed, Disney could come in to Georgia with an entirely gay production and film an actual gay marriage ceremony and this bill would do nothing to stop them. It just means they can’t force Bob the balloon animal guy to show up and make gay balloon animals if that goes against his religious beliefs. Or more dramatically, it means that a member of the clergy doesn’t have to perform that ceremony.

Oh and here’s a fun fact: it applied only to individuals and nonprofit religious organizations. It did not apply to for-profit businesses like movie studios.  And it specifically did not allow anything that would be considered discrimination under state OR federal law as they exist.

Yet Nathan Deal claims that this “doesn’t reflect the character of our state or the character of its people.” Except of course it does reflect that, under our system of government, because it was passed by the people through their representatives. What Deal means is that it doesn’t reflect the money the state would lose when big corporations, which are across the nation and almost without exception the wholly contained hostages of the activist left, decide to stop conducting business there.

So please, Sen. Sanders. As you rant daily about big money in politics, and millionaires and billionaires making government work for them and for their goals, spare a second to realize what a gigantic hypocrite you are. Then do go see if Disney wants to come to Vermont. Gotta get that money, bro. Dollar, dollar bills.

(Note: At the time of this article there is no word on how Georgia will spend its 30 pieces of silver. We will update when and if that information is available.)

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