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Your Baby Can Now Poop On Hillary Clinton (or Donald Trump)


Bernie Sanders is the preferred candidate of the crafters, so if you type “Bernie Sanders” into handmade- and vintage-product site, you can come up with everything from cupcake toppers (for your Bernie Sanders victory party), to “Feel the Bern” rubber stamps, to any number of Bernie Sanders “prayer candles,” to a jewelry collection that includes a Bernie-branded beer bottle opener. But as for the other candidates whose acolytes might want to show their support with etched mason jar candles or hoop embroidery? 

Somewhat less lucky.

However, just because you can’t show your support doesn’t mean you can’t make statements in other ways. In fact, you can almost do one better than the hipster Internet flea-marketers by conscripting your incontent children into the game. Thanks to one enterprising website, your children can now demonstrate your political leanings by filling a custom cloth diaper, with the candidate of your choice on the rear end

We all know that our nations politics are in the gutter this year. So, we have decided to join the fray. Now available we have a limited supply of our contribution to this year’s mess.  These limited addition cloth diapers feature either Donald Trump’s or Hillary Clinton’s likenesses printed on a prefold.  Soon babies all over will be taking a “Dump on Trump” or they may be giving “Hillary the Business”. It has been said that politicians are like diapers, they needed to be changed often and for the same reason. Now both chores can be done at the same time!

This first edition can be used by supporters or opponents of these “popular” candidates.  Worn face in to give one message, worn face out as a message of support. These will be fun for your own family or as a gift.  Let’s send the political class a message, let them know what we really think.

The clothes are actually pretty cute, reasonably well priced and and seem to be of the highest quality (though you’ll need to run them through the wash a few times, as you might with any unbleached cloth diaper). And you really can’t beat the political statement you (or your offspring) will make.


The website notes that, even if you don’t choose to go the cloth diaper route, that the cloths are very versatile. Your child could always use them as a spit-up cloth, and if you don’t have children, you could always buy a stack and use them to wash your car, dry your dishes, wipe up animal messes – there are literally hundreds of uses.

Right now, only the top two candidates are available, so you only have the choice of soiling Hillary or the Donald, but the site promises to expand their line if these are popular.


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