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Blame It on Rio

What would happen if the world held the Olympics and nobody came? We just may find out this summer in Rio. Between the Zika Virus, water pollution, government corruption, crime and poverty, things seem to be falling apart. Adding to the woes, the word “boycott” has been uttered from athletes’ lips and, as they say in the business, plenty of good tickets are still available.

Whatever the ancient Greeks’ original intent for the Olympic games, they have morphed in modern times into a liberal kind of sporting event. It is sports with a higher purpose, a veritable multicultural love-in where every country is created equal, and the world can come together and find peace and harmony running the 4 X 100 against each other. Think of it as the midnight basketball Democrats are so fond of. Except here, instead of trying to keep inner city troubled youth from committing crimes by having them play basketball all night, our peace movement engineers see the Olympics as a way to keep rogue nations from committing genocide by having them preoccupied with the decathlon every four years.

But one by one as Brazil’s problems stacked up, the real sporting fun was watching reactions from the Western world’s leftists who’ve come off as snobs and elitists with each and every bit of bad news.

The first hit came shortly after the announcement of Brazil as the host country when liberals seemed to learn for the first time that Rio had some of the world’s most notorious and impoverished slums, and that they had enough crime to make Rahm Emanuel’s bullet-riddled South Side of Chicago seem like paradise in comparison. One could almost visualize the pampered set as they read about Brazil’s income inequality while sipping a latte in their neighborhood Starbucks letting out a collective “Not fair,” and demanding Brazil do something about it. But much like the liberals’ hashtag scolding of Boko Haram to “Bring Back Our Girls,” this demand has gone unanswered. Did it not occur to them that Brazilians are well aware of the situation and if they could have fixed it, they would have a long time ago?

Next reports came out that the water pollution is so bad in Brazil that if you fall into the water during practice or a rowing event you could be putting your health in jeopardy. How can it be that a country not run by Republicans has such nasty pollution? Just wait till our liberals learn that those self-centered Brazilians are still trying to cut down some of their rain forests, so they can eke out a living in logging or from farming the land. How selfish can the Brazilians be?

Then of course came the mother of all problems, the Zika Virus, which has every woman of child-bearing age afraid to enter into Brazil. I’m waiting for the Brazilians to announce the use of the effective but environmental unfriendly DDT to keep the mosquito population in check as part of the solution. What a quandary that will be for the left: whose side to be on, planet earth or expectant mothers?

All this comes, of course, after the winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, where people seemed dumfounded to learn the Russians with their communistic and oligarchy heritage couldn’t make simple things like toilets and doors work correctly. What in the name of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren is going on when a state-run monopoly can’t handle basic engineering?

As for me, I’m fine with having Brazil as the host country. After all, the Brazilians are by all accounts warm and friendly people with a reputation for knowing how to throw a party. And if we really need diversification, as we are constantly told, shouldn’t we diversify the host countries away from some of the tried and true Western cities and experience the world as it is? Isn’t this the goal of multiculturalism?

And if one looks closely at the Olympics’ history you’ll see shadows of the world as it is, and not the kumbaya event the organizers would like us to believe it is. After all, in the Berlin games in ’36 we had Hitler’s ode to the Master Race, and during the cold war we had the communists doping their athletes like they were guinea pigs in order to score some chintzy propaganda victories. Let us also not forget the ’72 massacre in Munich, and keep in mind at this moment there are probably thousands of jihadists plotting to try to make what happened in Munich peanuts compared to what they are hoping to do in Rio this summer.

It is a troubled world, and the Olympics merely reflect that reality.

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