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Why, Of Course Mitt Romney Wouldn’t Turn Down Your Convention Nomination

While I wouldn’t put it past the Republican Party to attempt a third Mitt Romney run (this time will be it!), I doub that Mitt Romney is really serious about making another go at the nation’s highest office, unless his recently upgraded robot body has received a radio transmission from deep space instructing him in ways us mere humanoids are incapable of discerning. 

But heck, why not at least mention in passing that, if the Republican party decides to call him into action, that he’d be ready to load up the Mittmobile with potato skins and Diet Coke and take off on a cross-country reunion tour? 

At this point, he’s like the Rolling Stones. Everyone agrees they’re finished, but they can’t come to terms with it, and they have enough die hard fans who will scalp tickets for twice face value that they think they’re still really popular, though it turns out the only people who show up are middle-aged white men trying desperately to relive a fading dream with some tie-dye tee shirts and second rate marijuana. Though, in a Romney rally, you’re going to have to replace the tie dye with short sleeved button downs. The marijuana assessment remains the same.

But it remains that the Republican “Establishment” has to have a stop-Trump plan, and given their track record for picking the worst possible options, a Romney resurgence could very well be it. I mean, it would be way easier to throw tons of donor money behind Marco Rubio or restructure the RNC’s regulations and repeal the notorious “Rule 40” that keeps candidates who don’t win eight states out of the running to broker the convention, but this seems so much easier. Or something. Substantiating this theory is the fact that Romney also claimed, in the same interview, that he has a favorite but won’t announce it until March 16, after the March 15th primary and way after the primary in his home state of Michigan, home to the only people who’d listen to him as an authority. 

I don’t even know anymore, honestly. We’re probably doomed no matter what happens. 

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