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Bernie Sanders: White People Don’t Know What It’s Like to Be Poor

Last night’s Democratic debate, held in Flint, Michigan for maximum pandering power, was full of choice nuggets.

Bernie Sanders sexistly hushed Hillary Clinton as she tried to interrupt his ranting. MSNBC was caught giving Hillary’s spokeswoman the interview questions ahead of time. Bernie Sanders blamed Flint’s water crisis on corporations instead of the 60 years of Democratic rule that allowed the city’s pipes to turn to rusty mush so that the drinking water would be filled with lead as soon as they came to rely on local water sources. Hillary Clinton called on Michigan governor Rick Snyder to resign because obviously, a Republican governor is completely at fault for whatever Democrats have spent the last six decades ruining. 

And, of course, Bernie Sanders was out in force with his claims that the game is rigged, the rules are made up, and the points don’t count for anything. But this time, he added a special twist. Concerned his proclamations weren’t taking on the vaguely racist twinge they should, he told the audience last night that, if you’re white, you simply have no idea what it’s like to be poor in America. 

For an organization continually railing on Republicans for being completely out of touch with the country they’d like to run, this is a remarkably stupid statement. The vast majority of people on welfare in this country are white. Some of the poorest areas in this country are white. And most of the white people who came to this country seeking a better life – as with any immigrant – came from the kinds of places where goats have better regular accomodations than they do. 

We’ve moved into a territory, for Democrats, where they don’t simply know better than poor people what poor people should do with their lives, but that they know who poor people are better than poor people do. 

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