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“Woman of the People” Hillary Hawking $50 Designer Campaign Tees

This morning, I received a personal email from Vogue editor Anna Wintour. Obviously, I have finally achieved the pinnacle of my success, and will now be feted as a paragon of style and panache, from border to border, leaving this political opinion journalism thing to the Wal-Mart peons.

Okay, okay. It was actually a form letter from the Hillary Clinton campaign announcing that the “woman of the people,” who cares so deeply about the middle class that she so obviously belongs to, having toiled endlessly in politics for the last several decades, barely feeding herself on six-figure speaking honorariums and struggling to keep the lights on and private server working in her New York mansion, is selling a line of exclusive “Made for History” tee shirts, designed by some of today’s hottest fashion names, starting at a mere $45.

Emily —

I’m emailing you today about a cause that’s deeply meaningful to me: electing Hillary as our next president — and supporting Democrats across the country.

I’m committed to seeing a woman in the White House, but Hillary isn’t just any woman. She’s brilliant and decisive, and she’s the candidate I trust on issues from gun violence prevention to gay rights. There’s no one better prepared than Hillary to protect and build on President Obama’s legacy.

That’s why I volunteered to help create the Made for History collection. It includes beautiful pieces by my friends Marc Jacobs, Tory Burch, Maxwell Osborne, and Dao-Yi Chow. Wearing these American-made items is a wonderful way to show your support for Hillary.

Emily, if you’re with her, I hope you’ll take a moment to look through the collection and choose a piece that expresses your support for this incredible woman. Together, we can all help her win:

Thank you,

Anna Wintour

I’m not sure anything has ever put me closer to voting for Donald Trump in a very long time.

Unlike when designers flocked to create custom fashions for Barack Obama’s two elections and inauguration through the “Runway to Win” program, again looped into the campaign by Anna Wintour, the designer offerings on Hillary’s site are…scant…and dare I say, look like they were kind of phoned in.


Now I love Tory Burch, but that certainly doesn’t live up the quality I’m used to seeing from the designer, or even from high school students putting together team tee shirts for a homecoming dance competition. The middle one is just sloppy (though, honestly, what can you expect from a duo that is constantly trying to make “man capris” happen?), and the far right? Well, I think I saw something similar at Forever 21, and at least there, I can afford to purchase it, wear it once, and then use it to polish my car in the summertime. At $45, that semi-conscious screen print ink had better be laced with spittle from Hillary herself.

With Barack Obama, at least, the slate included scarves, jewelry and bags, all of which could express your unqualified support for your lukewarm Democratic Presidential nominee, while looking sufficiently pretentious. Scarves are always in fashion. Jewelry can be hidden away after it becomes embarrassing, and claimed to be “vintage” until such time as it can be sold at an estate sale, and nothing says “dedicated liberal” like an all-natural-fiber jute tote hanging off the handle of your SoulCycle. His designer goods were status symbols. These tee shirts are, also, emblematic, but maybe less of the superior status of a Hillary voter, and more of the half-baked, sluggish way in which everyone has approached her “slog of inevitability.”

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