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Who Is Donald? What Is He, That All the Post’s Opinionators Condemn Him?

“Who is Silvia? what is she,/That all our swains commend her?” is a sly line from Shakespeare’s Two Gentlemen of Verona. Sly because the inference is clear: if all the young men of Verona are praising Silvia, it must be because she’s a woman of ill repute. I was reminded of these lines when I looked at the editorial pages of the Washington Post this morning.

I haven’t looked at the Post for weeks (what’s the point?), but this morning my husband had left it open on the dining table before rushing off to stop one of our dogs from eating one of our cats.

But back to the Post. In addition to an anti-Trump editorial, all five of the items on the Opinion page were anti-Trump, from which we can infer that they think that Trump who can beat Hillary. It won’t be Cruz, whose relationship to Wall Street is just as cozy as Hillary’s. He’s married to it and financed his Senate campaign with a Goldman Sachs loan, as I recently described here.

And he won’t be able to attack her without being called “sexist.” Heidi might get away with that, and it would be awesome to see her and Hillary in a catfight, but the Cruz’s won’t have the chance of a snowball in Hell against the Clintons, no matter how many pastors pray over them.

Neither will it be Rubio. Remember how quickly he crumbled when Chris Christie did a number on him in the October debate? Rubio couldn’t say why his lack of experience shouldn’t matter when running for the office of President, any more than Rick Santorum was able to name a single Rubio accomplishment in an earlier interview. Trump will not only be able to trot out his usual list of yuuuuge business accomplishments, he won’t hesitate to take down both Clintons on the sexism issue. And he’ll probably do it viciously enough to induce a coughing fit Hillary may not get over for a long, long time.

So it’s reasonable to infer that the Libs believe that Trump can beat Hillary. But what about all the conservative pundits who are ready to cut their wrists — or worse, move to Canada — if Trump gets the nomination. They’re against this because — get this — Trump’s a liberal in disguise! But if this were so, wouldn’t the Libs want him to be the nominee? If they thought Trump would favor universal health care and big government, wouldn’t that be a great insurance policy in the event Hillary didn’t win the election?

Moreover, especially in view of the fact that there will be a vacancy on the Supreme Court that may not get filled until after next administration takes office, wouldn’t the Libs want the Republicans to nominate a closet Liberal? Wouldn’t they be salivating at the prospect of Trump nominating his sister to the Supreme Court?

The Dems aren’t stupid. They’ve shown us time and again that they’re pretty savvy strategists. And that they’re much more cunning than we are. If they’re getting their undies all tied up in knots at the prospect of Hillary Clinton going up against Donald Trump, shouldn’t that tell us something?

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