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Kasich: “Women Are Leaving Their Kitchens to Support Me”

I’m not sure where John Kasich spent the last several decades of his life, but I’m betting it wasn’t in America. 

On a campaign stop in Virginia this morning, Kasich took advantage of the events “townhall” format to wax poetic about the uptick in support for his fourth place Presidential campaign. According to the Ohio governor, the turnout to volunteer for him has been nothing short of astounding. Why, the women-folk have even dropped their dirty dishes, put down their pasta pots and have left their kitchens for the first time since dedicating themselves to a life of housewifery to make phone calls on his behalf.

Or something.

Now, look. I can understand the calls for Kasich to drop out, but I can also understand why Kasich wants to stay in. As the only “moderate” in the race, Kasich has the best shot at getting the pity pick for Veep, and the longer he stays in, the more lucrative the deal will be for him to drop out. But by doing something this bizarre, he’s effectively destroying his own cache, and alienating voters who might otherwise think, you know, that guy seems normal compared to these other three lunatics. 

At any rate, at least a townhall attendee called him on it. Onward and upward, Kasich! 

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