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Are You Ready for BernieSingles Online Dating?

Obviously, it’s difficult for Bernie Sanders supporters to find meaningful, long term relationships. After all, who would want to be saddled with the burden of having their paycheck “redistributed” to another, non-contributing human being for the rest of their lives, when they can have productive, collaborative partnerships? 

But if you love Bernie and you need a lover, there may be an option for you. 

Introducing “Bernie Singles,” the first all-socialist, all-Bernie Sanders dating site on the web!


The site itself isn’t up yet (or, it was at one time, but is now collapsing under the weight of so much Sanders-related attention), but the Facebook group (nothing says socialism like using corporate resources!) already has 5,000 members, and a plea for it’s “exclusive” Sanders-obsessed membership, not to send nude photos to each other using the Facebook group, so you know it must be a legitimate thing. The group also extols its members to follow one specific rule when communicating with each other, “What Would Bernie Do?” Given his past forays into commentary on sexual harassment, and his advanced age, none of us probably want to think too critically about that missive. 

One word of advice for the Bernie singles looking to create profiles: #FeeltheBern may not be a good choice for your profile introduction. That means something entirely different in the hookup world.


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