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Media Bias Monday: MTV’s Desperate Attempt at Relevance

In the 1980’s, the MTV cable network was ahead of its time.

The Viacom subsidiary was a 24 hours music and music videos channel, with VJ’s telling you about the hottest music hits of the day. The 1990’s saw MTV shifting from just music to all kinds of programming aimed at teens and young adults, ranging from animated shows like Beavis and Butt-Head and Daria to “reality” shows like The Real WorldLaguna Beach, and Jersey Shore, most – if not all – aiming to serve trash to the masses. It has remained that way ever since. Bill O’Reilly, the host of Fox News Channel’s The O’Reilly Factor, rightfully pointed out while discussing their annual Video Music Awards that kids as young as 10 now watch MTV, and absorb what the network considers “content,” but could rightfully be considered “garbage.” 

In its latest attempt to remain relevant for new generations of its target demographic, the network and its “news” organization put out an incredible display of bigotry and insensitivity to the issue of political correctness on its YouTube channel. A woman named Francesca Ramsey, who hosts an MTV-produced Internet show called Decoded, told viewers if you oppose the government imposing politically correct language on you, you might be supporting “white privilege” and “cisgender privilege”. She even goes far to say that the terms “politically correct” and “PC” are often used as insults by people who are privileged. The strawmen she uses during her 3-minute rant could make someone dizzy. 

This video simply shows how desperate MTV is to talk down to “the kids” and it’s definitely not going to work. Although the language MTV’s host uses is common, not every Millennial in the country is so shallow as to believe what MTV is saying, not in the course of their programming, and certainly not this most recent brand of nonsense. They’ve even gone as far to team up with groups such as GLAAD, CAIR, and the NAACP for a campaign called Look Different, which is the epitome of Orwellian newspeak. That campaign, by the way, kicked off with a documentary called White People, which was directed by Jose Antonio Vargas, a known illegal immigrant and immigration activist.

In the video in question, we can see a strategy taken right out of the Alinsky-esque, liberal playbook, and an attack on free speech. Ramsey is the poster child for the ongoing attacks on the First Amendment by our current administration, and across the country in our colleges and universities. But why would MTV go so far as to incorporate her material into their network programming or to appeal to the lowest common denominator of Millennial activist? Simple. It’s a ploy for relevance, something MTV has long since lost. 

There’s no doubt that Viacom and its subsidiaries (outside of Paramount Pictures) are in dire trouble, and not long ago, their children’s programming-oriented channel Nickelodeon was overtaken by Disney Channel as the #1 network that’s “geared for kids” (although Disney Channel’s programming isn’t any better than Nick nowadays, as both make the stupidity of adults and the intellectual superiority of children, a common theme within their programs). But perhaps its time for Viacom to let go of its MTV brand. Its not as though, without MTV, that music videos would suddenly become unavailable. And if you’re reduced to trashing people criticizing rampant political correctness, its not likely you have a long-term financial strategy, anyway.

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