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Social Justice Warriors Spent Miserable Night Complaining About Superbowl Commercials

It has to be awfully exhausting to be a social justice warrior these days – at least, emotionally exhausting.

Last night, as the rest of America was casually enjoying a night of fun and football, perhaps over mounts of Bud Lite and other assorted carbohydrates, a team of SJWs, charged with “exposing” the biased nature of Superbowl commercials, took to Twitter under the hashtag, #notbuyingit, critiquing ever commercial as it aired for its relative commitment to social justice principles and/or the progressive platform, whichever you happen to think rules the day. Among the complaints? A missive from NARAL, accusing Doritos of adopting the “antichoice tactic of humanizing fetuses” when they aired a commercial depicting an unborn baby chasing a nacho chip right out of the womb. 


Now, to be fair, I actually thought the commercial itself was kind of creepy (Doritos causes premature babies to come shooting out of wombs? How has said baby tasted Doritos? How does it plan to consume them? Logically, it would make more sense to stay safe inside the uterus and force its mom to inhale a bag or two at three a.m.), but thanks to NARAL, it’s now a focal point of the abortion debate, with pro-lifers declaring their ever-lasting love for Doritos, and NARAL ghoulishly ignoring the contents of nearly every ultrasound ever performed on a close-to-delivery pregnant woman.

Also on the SJW chopping block, a Snickers ad that was supposedly “transphobic” because it showed Willem Dafoe dressed as Marilyn Monroe, a Hyundai ad that had Kevin Hart as a dad following his daughter on a date – an obvious nod to the Patriarchy – and an Audi ad that showed an elderly male astronaut driving their sportscar around some mountain roads. Because nothing says “repeat invite to a Superbowl party,” like “calling out blatant sexism” over guacamole during a broadcast targeted to men. 

They did like an ad with a dog driving a family car, so there’s that

Ed note: An earlier version of this article had the wrong Snickers celebrity. We’ve since corrected.

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