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Iowa Dem Who Won’t Release Caucus Results Has “HRC 2016” License Plate

If you’re still caught up on Trump’s post-Iowa Twitter tantrum, you’re missing the real major meltdown – the Democratic party’s Iowa caucus nightmare. Votes aren’t counted! Bernie Sanders is denied the win he truly deserves! Progressives are so livid they’ve cancelled drum circles and are planning massive protests in their respective University teachers lounges! They are loading up on Whole Foods Kombucha, rending their hemp sweaters and crashing their Subaru Outbacks into unsuspecting corn fields!

None of this is helped by the fact that the Iowa Democratic leadership refuses to release the raw vote totals, and instead, insists that Iowa caucus-goers should just “trust them” when it comes to Hillary’s runaway win. While that’s a suspicious request in and of itself, there’s reason to believe the Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy goes even deeper. It turns out that the Iowa Democratic Party chair, who refuses to release Monday’s raw data, is an unabashed Hillary supporter whose license plate reads, “HRC 2016.”

The Iowa Democratic party chair who is refusing to release raw vote totals from Monday’s state caucuses is a long-time Hillary Clinton supporter who donated to the politician’s various campaigns and who reportedly drives a Buick with the license plate “HRC 2016.”

Dr. Andrea “Andy” McGuire has shot down calls to review vote tallies from Monday’s contest despite Clinton’s razor-thin win over Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders…There’s plenty of reason to question McGuire’s objectivity, however.

A Daily Caller analysis of federal campaign finance records shows that McGuire has contributed $7,139 to Clinton’s campaigns over the years. On Dec. 29, 2008 she donated to Hill PAC, a political action committee set up for Clinton. On Sept. 30, 2007 McGuire gave $2,300 to Clinton’s presidential campaign. She donated $588.80 to the campaign on June 27, 2007. And on June 7, 2005, McGuire gave $4,000 to Clinton’s Senate campaign.

She also held a swanky fundraiser for Hillary in her home in 2007 (covered by the New York Times style bloggers), was appointed to the 2008 Womens Leadership Council for Hillary Clinton, and served as Clinton’s Iowa co-chair that same year. But she said she’s totally unbiased, so of course we should definitely believe that she has every interest in ensuring a fair caucus with assuredly honest results. 

Anyone live in Iowa? I think we definitely need a picture of that license plate!

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