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Trump Feels Unappreciated by Voters, Tweets That It’s ‘Not Worth It’

Donald Trump is having a tough day and it’s showing.



None of those things are completely true. Donald Trump has been loaning his own money to his campaign on the promise of recouping his losses from donor cash. So he’s only sort of self-financing. Donald Trump is certainly credited with bringing out new caucus-goers, but we can’t be 100% sure they were there to vote for Donald or against him, especially when you consider that most of the new caucus-goers made up their minds in the last week. As for whether he was a long-shot, well, that wasn’t what he said weeks ago. And his ground game was awful because he failed to set any traditional spending priorities, not because he didn’t spend the money.

But look, it’s not the end of the world for the Trump-ster, not by far. Winning Iowa isn’t everything, or President Mike Huckabee would be sending everyone mandatory rounds of miracle diet pills by now. And there’s plenty of time to learn from mistakes — say, spending that half a million he wasted on hats on some South Carolina voter identification data, or purchasing an entire city’s worth of Uber transportation for potential primary voters — and New Hampshire looks to be a shoo-in, as they’ve never been forced to accommodate a Trump Tower anywhere near Portsmouth. Of course, as with Iowa, the NH polls could be vastly overstating Trump’s support base and his power to convert intersted rally-goers into primary voters, but it shouldn’t be all dire news.

So, while there’s reason to be sad, Donald, don’t fret. You’ll get ’em next time. 

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