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Media Bias Monday: Is CNN Covering for Hillary?

In the 1990’s CNN used to be nicknamed the “Clinton News Network.” If you ask me, I think that nickname still fits the network, though for entirely new reasons.

Brent Bozell and his business partner Tim Graham recently wrote a piece for Newsbusters, analyzing CNN’s Clinton coverage. They point out that CNN did a town hall that did little but gush lovingly over the Democratic presidential candidates, especially Hillary Clinton. This is no surprise: the network is currently run by Jeff Zucker, the former President of NBC – known best for running NBC into the ground with a series of legendary, regrettable decisions, like hiring Keith Olbermann to host a nightly news program. Olbermann, you may remember, used his platform on MSNBC to launch some of the most vicious, vile smears against conservative Americans – not to mention some of the most detestable, hate-filled rants ever seen in cable news.

In their piece, Bozell and Graham point out that the network has been lobbing nothing but softballs on – not just Clinton – but all of the Democratic candidates. This seems to be Zucker, a committed liberal’s, vision. Zucker has been vocal about his beliefs in the past, calling anyone criticizing CNN’s (lack of) Benghazi coverage “people who throw “temper tantrums”, and calling opponents of Obamacare racist. Staff behavior at CNN can’t be very different from it’s leadership’s. Although they defame and smear conservatives and Republican politicians and candidates, often in the most despicable ways imaginable, they lob Hallmark card-level softballs at every liberal they interview.  Political correctness, character assassination, and intolerance have all started to define the network thanks to the Zucker era. It can only get worse from there.

I close with these following remarks… CNN calls conservative criticism of their current antics “blaming the media” and “attacking journalism”. That’s absolutely false, we’re exposing news organizations like theirs for the Pravda-level organizations they really are. I’m not saying everyone at the network is bad, however. One example I can cite is fellow Spectator colleague Jeffrey Lord, who remains a very talented writer and voice for American journalism (though I may disagree with him on the subject of Donald Trump). Aside from Lord and Hugh Hewitt, CNN has become absolutely unwatchable. As a friend of mine noted to me in a discussion, Zucker has destroyed what was once a great brand. Turner Broadcasting – and its parent company, Time Warner – should definitely regret their hiring decision. 

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