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Media Bias Monday: The Decline of Al Jazeera

This month, Al Jazeera America has announced it is going out of business. That’s no surprise as that anti-American network’s US operations were never successful.

The parent network, Al Jazeera, was already in trouble, as it has a reputation for being anti-American (it has even made a documentary sympathetic to 9/11 mastermind Osama bin Laden). It’s owners, who rely on oil sales for support, face decreasing fuel prices (at least $2 a gallon in most US gas stations on the east coast) – such problems aren’t helping the Qatar-based news service’s woes. But clearly, Al Jazeera America had even bigger problems: the market has spoken and has decided nobody wants to see America painted as an oppressive villain to Islam and to the entire world.

The progressive agenda-driven media will likely tell you little about what happened in the news gathering industry this month, and how only 30,000 people watched Al Jazeera even at its best moments. A lack of audience is why so many magazines and newspapers are failing – a direct result of their lack of capability in telling the truth or telling all sides of a very important story. CBS News anchor Scott Pelley, oddly, did tell the truth about Al Jazeera in a big way, telling his audience in a recent news brief that the network was shutting down due to slumping oil prices, and the main Arabic-language Al Jazeera network having a history of engaging in anti-American sentiment.

One of the things that makes this story interesting is that Al Jazeera America was a startup that only lasted about 3 years, replacing another failing TV network – Current TV,  a project of former vice president Al Gore, that eventually would never see any success throughout its short life. Environmentalist Gore, of course, was the ultimate hypocrite, selling hs network to the very people who he railed against in his “climate change” speeches. Having only tens of thousands of viewers is a failure unlike anything the TV industry has dealt with. But it was also boring, almost like watching a televised version of the taxpayer-funded NPR, which promotes every left-wing agenda item known to man. To see Al Jazeera get hammered the way it did wasn’t surprising, but to see it shut down after only three years is even more embarrassing to the people who will now have to cut a lot of jobs.

On the entertainment front, a lot of cable television networks are failing, not only because of internet streaming and On-Demand services such as Netflix and Hulu, but also because of an unlikely competitor in the marketplace: Hallmark Channel, which is becoming the fastest growing cable channel in the country. The reason is because, unlike the majority of broadcast and cable channels that now focus on dark subject matter, gratuitous sex, gruesome violence, and social activism disguised as entertainment and amusement, Hallmark Channel goes the opposite direction. Most of what they show is feel-good content rarely seen on cable television these days. One of their most popular shows is the western drama When Calls the Heart, executive produced by Michael Landon, Jr. – whose father, Michael Landon, starred in such favorites as Little House on the Prairie and Bonanza. I personally like to compare the network to what The Family Channel (then ABC Family, now Freeform) used to be when it was owned by CBN founder Pat Robertson.

Two things are clear about these changing trends. First of all, there’s a glimmer of hope that the intense appetite for progressivism in America is in decline. Second of all, both Fox and Hallmark are successful because they know people are sick and tired of what liberal society is shoving down our throats. As a whole, the country has wisened up about both the media and Hollywood – and you know it’s bad for the left when that happens. The attacks on Fox News, the conservative movement, and traditional America have all but failed. The former now dominates the cable news field, while the latter is now the fastest growing cable network as a whole. It’s not about ideology (in Fox’s case) or retrograding society (in Hallmark’s case), it’s about about fairness and traditional values, respectively.

To be fair, NBC still has the Tonight Show, hosted by the very talented Jimmy Fallon. CBS also has Blue Bloods and NCIS – two very intriguing dramas. CBS also offers solid coverage of Al Jazeera shutting down – although it was only brief. But both Fox News and Hallmark Channel are better at their respective fields. After the year’s recent events, and changing polls, there’s no doubt that the country is seeing progressivism for the failure it truly is.

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