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Jeb Bush Makes Worst Campaign Video In History

There was a time in my life when I was a campaign communications consultant, responsible for helping political campaigns come up with new and intriguing ways to engage voters using digital media. There is a reason I don’t do it anymore, and that reason is, because no matter how many times I or any of my colleages explained that most Republican consultants had the pop culture knowledge of 80 year old men and couldn’t find a connection to Millennials if they were accosted by an entire room of Urban Outfitters employees, they still produced things like this.

Though, in fairness, no one I worked with ever produced something this terrible. We had to wait for Jeb Bush to waste $100 million on a campaign before we got something this terrible. Behold, the Jeb! campaign’s newest whack at Marco Rubio: a LSD-inspired, trippy hit job on his heeled boots set to Nancy Sinatra’s “These Boots are Made for Walking.”

Because, obviously

Effective, yes, if I wanted confirmation that yes, indeed, Jeb Bush has no idea how to spend money with any efficiency. Otherwise, I just want to turn it into a GIF and watch Marco Rubio dance in his fancy shoes all day (which, by the way, I love more than Cate Blanchett’s pink silk whorehouse sofa dress from the Golden Globes).

Dance, Marco, dance.

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