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How to Destroy the Republican Party, in Three Easy Steps

First, work yourself into a lather about Donald Trump. He’s not really a conservative, you say, and as evidence you tell us that he likes universal health care. You too will make compromises with the Left, but of a different kind. Universal health care is the least corrupt kind of social welfare legislation, but then your kind of compromise is exactly the kind of corrupt, crony capitalism he opposes. It’s the cronyism of Mitch McConnell, the corporatism of the U.S. Chamber. Then you tell us he is vulgar. He’s not your kind of American, you tell us, but in truth you don’t much care for Americans, do you? He is a representative of a certain kind of American, the brash Noo Yawker, and if you hate him it’s the rage of Caliban looking at his face in the mirror.

Then, having told us that he’s beyond the Pale, tell us that you’ll never vote for him. That all in all Hillary would make a better president. You asked Trump to pledge that, if nominated, he’ll run as a Republican, but now it turns out that you didn’t promise to vote for the nominee either.

And having done this, ask yourself what need we have for two parties when one will do just as well? One presidential party, in which every candidate for the highest office proposes to rule by executive fiat. Which is of course just where we are today. I admit, there’s a certain logic to this. If there isn’t much daylight between Nancy Pelosi and Paul Ryan, then it really doesn’t make much difference, does it?

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