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Latest Hillary Clinton Ad: “44 Boys is Too Many”

Hillary Clinton will, eventually, make her entire campaign about her gender rather than her merits.  She has to, after all, since her only merit is basically her gender (at least as far as the #waronwomen voters are concerned). I mean, did you expect her to run on her foreign policy record? Her political experience? Her winning personality?

She no longer seems to be struggling with opposition in her own party, since Bernie Sanders appears to have reached critical mass (there are only so many people who are fine with socialism, and those people usually have their college final exams right about this time), and Martin O’Malley has no significant presence to speak of, so Hillary Clinton is now happy to lay the groundwork against her forthcoming Republican opponent who will, likely as not, be a man. And according to her latest campaign ad, 44 men in office is more than enough.  

First off, unless she’s made guest appearances on Doc McStuffins, I highly doubt any of these girls know who Hillary Clinton is, aside from what their parents have probably told them while forcing them to print out extensive letters to the Presidential candidate. Which, if you think about it, gives the video a creepy vibe, unrelated to its focus. What kind of parent would watch over their child’s shoulder, dictating a letter to the former Secretary of State, just to have it exploited in a campaign commercial? 

Regardless, the message here is obvious: vote for Hillary because she was born with a very specific set of genetalia, a feat which, somehow, qualifies her to hold higher office. She doesn’t give a lot of details about how (we don’t know, for example, whether her vagina is hiding an operative domestic policy plan, or whether it, independently, earned its Masters in economics), but suffice it to say, for Hillary Clinton, it’s currently her best asset. 


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